Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maeg, Gill and Chloe´s Wednesday and Thursday in CR! :)

So this is Gill, Chlo, and Maegs writing to you about our adventures so far in Costa Rica! Today was pretty gnar we got up at the crack of dawn with the roosters crowing (the interns). Then, for breakfast, had some pretty delicioso French toast with some eggs fresh from the chickens roamin around the streets, so sanitary :) and watermelon---nonseedless bummerr. After that we had a devo sesh that was intense if you wanna read up its 1 Corinthians 12:1 through 20.we all loaded up in the soccer mom/creeper mini vans and rode away to the beach...which was a nice three hour drive...maybe it was two. But since we didn´t write yesterday just so you know, we had the childrens carnivaal which consisted of nail painting by Maeg and Gill, face painting by Savannah and Chlo, coloring, bracelet making, sports and bubbles. We had a David and Goliath skit with Jessica Polglaze playing David and Jim as Goliath! This all ended in a mega water balloon fight and some random kid riding into the sunset bareback on his horse no joke. But today, we went to a beach named Tamarindo on the Pacific. We spent a lot of time shopping for machetties JORDAN TOTTLE, getting sushi, pizza and Subway, and just playing in the waves. We had a little incident where little fish kept swimming around our feet and supposedly biting them so all the girls were screaming and freaking out for like...a really long time. An unnecessarily long amount of time actually. Then the best part of the day, was the car ride back was hands down the best part of the day. It was Gill, Chlo, Maeg, Kat, Maddi, Jessica Polglaze, Mitch, Doug and Yickson in our van. And we decided to have a jam sesh with Kats ipod because she had a dock. So there we were blasting and screaming I am woman songs and man hater songs---Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood, a whole lotta Taylor Swift, If I were a Boy by Beyonce among others. We got really into it like dancing in our seats closing our eyes singing to people out the windows. It was pretty intense and Mitch and Doug absolutely LOVED it!!! By far the highlight of their day. Another highlight was the chalupas for dinner, the best meal we have had so far! Everyone stuffed themselves with this delicious Costa Rican meal made by our amazing cook Lila! However, Jessica Polglaze had a little accident in the bathroom that ended up all over the floor, she will explain that story when she gets back! Lets hope she gets better because we will still have another amazing day in Pura Vida country tomorrow! By the way this post is better than Tristan and Jimmy´s. Comment if you agree! Adios!!!