Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Once upon a time...... .
     There was a mission team from Skycrest Baptist Church in Clearwater, FL, consisting of 2 very handsome men named Jim Jam and Tristan. They had just landed in San Jose International Airport. They were a little jet lagged, from the excrutiating 2 hour time difference. However, this group of young missionaries were determined to get to the town of Fortuna to begin their journey. The first night, the group stayed at a little, quaint hotel named  Charlie's Place. They met up with the rest of the team at the hotel. They all slept like infants in their cozy yet intricate beds. The next morning, the team was preparing to begin their quest to the deep, mountainous, jungles of Fortuna. However, Maegan (a.k.a. Squirtle) could not seem to find her cellular device. They took approximately 15 minutes looking for her phone, to find that it was in her bag all along. After what seemed like hours of frustration they finally took off on their expedition. It was a long, tiring, excrutiating, 3 and a half hour drive from Charlie's Place to the volcanic town of Fortuna. When they arrived, a very ironic twist came about in which they were greeted by a nice plate of tuna in Fortuna. At approximately at 3:10:36.7 PM they took a short drive to the Canopy Tours and Ziplining. They suited up to begin their adventure through the trecherous mountains and rainforest where they encountered monkeys, toucans, Specimens, Critters, and...........Bigfoot. Once they reached the top, they began to soar as if they were on the wings of eagles on the ziplines. There were approximately 10 to 12  different ziplines for their zipping pleasures. They ziplined for about an hour and a half before returning back to base camp at La Iglesia. Dinner delivered the team with a home cooked, hearty meal, which brought smiles to the whole team. After dinner the team mingled with the locals, until about 11:30 when it was time for Beddy Bye. The bedrooms had bunk beds so there were more room for activities. In the Guys bedroom, PAUL WILLIAMSON waited until the men were nestled into their cozy cots as they were ready for a relaxing slumber through the night, when all of a sudden Paul told them horrific, traumatizing stories about poisonous snakes and other critters which made their homes in the men's bunks. However, at the end of the story he began to tell them that it was in the corral, which hadn't been used for years. The men were thrilled and overjoyed to find that out and continued to nestle in their cots where they slept like babies. The whole team woke up to a nice breakfast of cereal and juice and toast and stuff of that nature. The rest of the day was spent either painting or laying cement for the church. In their spare time the team could be found hunting the local iguana's, in which they failed miserably.

written by Tristan Chandra and Jim Jam McCallum