Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bike Accident Sidelines XFL Participant

Praying for Natalie Evans... who crashed on her bike this morning in Jensen Beach while training for GTD's XFL Cross Florida Bike Ride.

She sustained 2 broken ribs & a broken thumb, but avoided potentially worse injuries. I know she is very disappointed. She was the reason we put the XFL on the schedule this year because she wanted to celebrate turning 50 by biking across the Florida. Here is her post from the hospital:

"Well, bike ride started off so well but ended badly... Going over the bridge on bike lane/shoulder, when it ended abruptly (sun had not risen yet) and I lost control & crashed. 2 broken ribs & broken thumb. I feel VERY fortunate though. My Bike Across Fl is cancelled or postponed for now. Staff at MM south were amazing. Deeply disappointed but also thankful, as it could have been much worse."


FCD Staff Day Trip = Wonderful Time

GTD loved hosting a Staff Day Trip for the Family Center on Deafness (FCD) yesterday. It was a perfect day for paddling to a nearby island for a picnic lunch and team building games!!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

We Are Here To Pump You Up!

The GTD gym is now fully functional!! (all equipment was personally funded... no gtd monies ...or laboratory testing of animals... went into the creation of our gym.) :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

9 Miles of Training

Just finished 9 miles on the elliptical in an hour & a half.
I love this machine!! I signed up for an iFit membership which allows you download hiking & running locations form all over the world then watch a slide show of pictures from that location on your tablet or laptop.  The elliptical automatically adjusts the resistance & incline to match the terrain. It's awesome!

So I just hiked 9 miles down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. Intense!! Sweat machine! Hanging out with Mr Shiatsu right now (massage chair) ;)

New Exercise Equipment

So thankful for my new elliptical machine & stationary bike. Getting some great training in for our upcoming events.

I'm coming off one of the healthiest summers I've had in years. I was able to maintain clean eating & regular fitness for a majority of the summer. But once we started increasing the travels & running non-stop camping trips it was nearly impossible to sustain consistency. It wasn't perfect, but it was great progress! I will have to make a few more adjustments to stay consistent during the summer months (our heaviest travel schedule of the year). - DUG =)


New Grand Canyon Hiking Map

Just finished creating a new elevation & mileage map for our Grand Canyon hike. Only 3 weeks to go!!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Banyan Resources Banquet

Last night Doug and I joined the owners of Banyan Resources (Rancho Arbol De Vida Costa Rica) at their very first fundraiser in Stuart, FL!  It was a great night for people to learn more about the ministry and to get involved!  We also got to spend time with one of the original founders Lou Ritchie and their Vice President of Operations Stephen Swain, who did a great job speaking!  Thanks Phil and Durley Hogan for the invitation to join you!  We are so excited to see what God has in store for the future!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I've been putting in some major hours in the GTD office for the past few weeks... usually starting at 7am and going till 2am the next morning. I've been able to get some social time in for lunches with friends each day as well as church on Sat night / Sundays and sporadic dinners with family & friends. So excited to see the major work getting accomplished over here. So thankful for a lifelong mission to wake up to everyday... and so thankful for the drive to get caught up on piled up work from the past few years as I strive to not only get caught up, but also get ahead of the game. It has been a long time coming, but it is starting to happen... still got a long way to go, but not as long as it used to be =).   - duG


Dr Walp Says...

Some pastors step on your toes, but Dr Aaron Walp goes straight for your head!

One month until our Grand Canyon Trip... 24 people signed-up and only a few spots left!!

Here's what Dr Walp has to say, "Lest someone think this trip is based on circular reasoning and thereby unscientific and lacking empirical data. I do not teach, nor do I claim, that the evidence suggests that the flood caused the canyon. Instead, a global flood, as recorded in nearly every ancient historical culture, could have set the stage, via stored kinetic energy caused by earthen dams, to create a catastrophic event carving the canyon (similar to the Channeled Scablands of Washington state caused by a ice dam break leading to the Missoula Flood). This trip studies flood geology and how viewable geological features of the canyon and surrounding regions support the audacious claims found in the Bible. It is fact based, not conjecture and will not disintegrate into circular reasoning."

Click HERE for the Grand Canyon link.


Let The Training Begin!

A few days ago I started training for this year's Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim hike (25-miles-in-1-day). I hiked up & down 3 flights of stairs 30 times... which equals 90 flights uphill and 90 flights downhill. It wasn't even close to Jason Lazzaro's 52 times or Heather Lazzaro's 47 times. Team Lazzaro killed it! But still it was a decent first day back and a good gauge of where I'm at right now. Let the training begin!! - Doug



Hey youth, don't be drawn into all the glamorous pictures your friends post while holding a beer. That picture doesn't tell the whole story. You don't need alcohol to have a great time. In fact, more lives are destroyed by alcohol than ever blessed by it. There is a lot of pressure on you to conform, but I want to encourage you to dare to live a sober-licious life!! Check out some of these stats from the NCADD and see the other side of alcohol...

<> 2.5 Million Alcohol-Related Deaths Worldwide - EVERY YEAR!!

<> 320,000 young people aged 15-29 years die annually, from alcohol-related causes.

<> Alcohol is associated with many serious social and developmental issues, including violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace.

But here's the encouraging news young people, the NCADD reports that 50% of men & 66% of women don't consume alcohol... so don't feel like you are the only one taking the sober road. I've been fortunate to travel that road my whole life & I've never felt like I've missed out on anything. A lot of times people drink to try to fill up empty spots in their life or because they need a crutch to feel confident in social situations. Don't feel like you're the only one without a beer in your hand... there are millions more... Save your money and save your life for bigger & better things. =)