Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Dad is scheduled for knee replacement surgery at 7.30a on Wed Feb 22nd (today). Please keep him in your prayers as he is considered high risk. He is concerned that they will cancel his surgery last minute like they did back in December. He hasn't been able to walk since Oct 1st and he wants to walk again so badly. Traci is taking him to the hospital. They have to be there by 5.30a (ouch!). I've got an amazing cousin and dear friend who have both come from out of state to help me (more like me helping them) to make some renovations and home improvements at my house for Dad for when he returns to my house. He will either be doing his rehab in a rehab facility or at Traci's house. If you want to help me with some construction projects for Dad call or text me. We are already off to a fast start. Much thanks to the friend who helped me prep for these projects over the past week! I'm so blessed to have really awesome people in my life. Thanks for your prayers for Dad!

Monday, February 20, 2023


I may be worn down, healing from injuries, and years behind on almost everything, BUT I'm still in the fight. I've been working like a crazy man to not only get caught up with our Public Events for the first half of 2023... I'm also now "AHEAD OF THE GAME" by having the first 4 Public Events for next year (2024) already planned out, website pages built, and early registration opened!! Humble bat flip! Walk-off homerun! Kneel at homeplate and give all glory to God!
Watch out world, I just may be staging a comeback!
Here's the lineup for our upcoming events. Join us on an imminent GTD adventure, and if you like long range planning then start penciling in some God-awesome outdoor GTD adventures for 2024 too =)
For details about each adventure click on our blogsite link and scroll down to find our upcoming Public Events on the left side menu. Click the event link and find a God-awesome GTD adventure that's calling your name... Enjoy!
THIS YEAR: 2023 Public Events (so far)
SWAMP THING (Feb 4-5, 2023)
IGNITE Retreat (March 3-5, 2023)
LIQUID Kayaking Trek (April 8, 2023)
SIDEWINDER S-U-P Trek (May 6, 2023)
SLAMMED (TN) (June 21-25, 2023)
NEXT YEAR: 2024 Public Events (so far)
SWAMP THING (Feb 3-4, 2024)
LIQUID Kayaking Trek (March 30, 2024)
IGNITE Camping Retreat (April 19-21, 2024)
SIDEWINDER S-U-P Trek (May 4, 2024)
*This year is dedicated to the greatest woman I've ever known >>> my Mom "Birddog"! As Mom would say, "Love you MORE!" ;)
God-Awesome Adventures Since 1996 :) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2023


I was blessed and honored to represent GTD on CTN's TV show Bay Focus! The Host - Darlene Greenlee - always makes it fun and Christ focused. I was also very happy that CTN Network Marketing Director Chris Yates joined me for the interview. Chris and his family participated on our Fall Retreat last October and his son participated on Swamp Thing last week. I was very touched to hear how God blessed the Yates family through our ministry!

We taped the 14-minute interview last week and it airs on Wednesday, February 15th, at 11:30 a.m. and again on Thursday, February 16th, at 7:00 p.m. on CTN/WCLF-TV....CTN also posts it on their social media sites starting on Wednesday, Feb 15th.
Check it out if you can! I may have a face for radio, but I've got a heart for TV haha!
Watch it on TV or online at:

Monday, February 13, 2023

"These Boots Are Made For Walking"... THE HOF HIKES 6 MILES WITH A BROKEN FOOT... IN THE SWAMP!!

One of my favorite highlights from last weekend's swamp adventure was watching my good friend Josh Hofstede ("The Hof") hike over 6 miles through the swamp and mud WITH A BROKEN FOOT while wearing an orthopedic boot! This hike is hard enough for 2 healthy uninjured feet so it takes some real moxie to trudge the distance 4 weeks after breaking your foot and while wearing a heavy orthopedic boot! And he did it all with a smile on his face and an unbridled enthusiasm for adventure! You've got to love this guy!

Friday, February 10, 2023


One of the most frequent GTD questions I receive is, "Are you guys doing IGNITE again this year?" I'm happy to report that IGNITE is officially ON! 
With all that has transpired over the past 4 months everything went on the back burner, but IGNITE was one of my Mom's favorite events so in the great spirit of BIRDDOG, our annual IGNITE Camping Retreat is ON for 2023! In fact, I was able to schedule it at Word of Life in Hudson, Florida for our original date: March 3-5, 2023 (THAT'S IN 3 WEEKS!!)

I just finished updating the website so click on the following link for details and to register. I hope to see you there BIRDDOG'N IT with me =)

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Quick Pic From Swamp Thing!

We had a phenomenal adventure on our annual Swamp Thing Backpacking Trip last weekend PTL! What a great way to kick off our 27th year!!
(More highlight pictures & videos on the way)

Friday, February 3, 2023


Here's something I never thought I would ever say, SWAMP THING is SOLD OUT! 
Our most unpopular event has been gaining in popularity the past few years. I think this is one of the 7 signs that the rapture is happening soon hahaha!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

GTD = Grind! Those! Deadlines!

With only minutes to spare we got it all done before the stroke of midnight last night!
It has been a full few months of challenges so hitting these deadlines feels really good =)
Thank You Jesus!!
GTD = Getting! Tasks! Done!


I'm overjoyed to share with you that my Mom & some GREAT LAST MINUTE GENEROUS DONORS pushed us past our 100k goal yesterday!! Over the past month several loving people made "Tribute to Ann" donations to Mom's favorite ministry (GTD) in lieu of flowers which is something my Sister and Dad wanted instead of receiving tons of flowers. To our amazement around $2000 came in from family & friends this past month which set us up for yesterday's FANTASTIC FINISH. A few awesome people & 1 fantastic church partner took us on to victory! It was like Mom passed the basketball to some awesome teammates that leaped up to slam dunk it thru the hoop AT THE BUZZER to win the game! We officially finished with $100,947 raised!!! (53.8k in one-time donations & 47.1k in pledges for 2023). NOW THAT'S A GOD-AWESOME WAY TO START THE YEAR!!
I love that one of Mom's last acts was to launch us into our 27th year of ministry! GTD would not exist if it weren’t for Ann Garner! Her influence in my life lead to my salvation at 8 years old and eventually lead to the start of this ministry. She always supported me 1000% and prayed for me as I worked for many years on building GTD. She was my 1st volunteer and continued to help me with admin work till her last few months on this earth. We named our top yearly award after my parents. It’s called the “JAG” (Jerry & Ann Garner) Award and it is presented to the person(s) who most positively impacted this ministry over the course of the past year. Her influence & impact in my life and the life of this ministry can’t be overstated. She will be greatly missed! We are dedicating our 27th year of ministry to Mom and will be finding special ways throughout the year to commemorate her love and impact in the life of GTD. I guess you could call it “The Year of Birddog!” I want to thank all of you for your support of GTD in 2022 & beyond! My Mom was always touched by our amazing supporters so thank you for not only blessing the life of this ministry, but also being a source of blessing and joy to all of us, especially Mom! YEAR 27, HERE WE COME!!!
4-PEAT! This is our 4th year in a row raising 100k+!! Thank You Jesus because You are The Source of all of this!! All glory to God!!