Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 3!

Hola amigos y familias!

     Kathleen here writing you from the beautiful country of, can you believe it, COSTA RICA! It is a blessing to be back here for a 3rd summer interning with GTD! I hope this blog finds you well. Today we were given the opportunity to wake up to cool overcast weather which was a huge improvement from the hot, muggy weather the night before. We weren´t complaining ;) Breakfast was at 8 and we headed right over to the corral at 9am sharp. Once we arrived, we spent time reading through Genesis 1 and really getting an idea of how powerful our God is. He created all of the beauty we are surrounded by at this very moment and He did it because HE loves US! Costa Rica is a beautiful reminder of God´s overwhelming, unfailing love.
     After this we began to clean out the corral. All of a sudden, Erika runs over to me and yells, "Kat, get your camera! We found a huge snake!" Of course, I freak out because I have a fear of snakes, but I agree because, well, it´s Costa Rica! Come to find out it was a Fer De Lance snake which is the most dangerous snake in Central and South America. It was an exhilerating experience and the snake was disposed of properly.
     We continued on with cleaning the corral and once the rain stopped we headed on our property tour hike. We started out walking through the cow pastures and on down to the river. The weather was perfect for our hike and we were able to enjoy every moment. Then we took Traci and Jen to see the bunk house and fish farm that has been started! Dinner is being prepared as we speak and we´ll be heading to a night of worship with our Fortuna church family! I hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did :)
     Thank you all for your prayers and support for this trip so far! Some things that could use prayer would be: Even more opportunities to reach the people in the community, strength to pursue each opportunity, the courage to speak openly to these wonderful people, and rest! We need as much sleep as we can get so we can love on the people of Fortuna ;)

Hope all is well back in the States! Can´t wait to hear from you all!
Pura Vida :)