Monday, June 13, 2011


Connor, Dakota, and Nick posting,

After extensive travel, we finally arrived at our destination at 5:30 a.m. We salvaged the 4 or so hours of sleep we could and awoke to our first day. Breakfast was delicious and consisted of pineapple, Costa Rican cereal, and cookies. Yum!
Next we got our first glimpse of the property we will be working on. Then the team drove to The Canopy, an outdoor zip-lining place. There was about 12 or 13 lines that we got to zip down. A-lot of fears of heights were overcome through this experience.
Thermo Mania was next. It consisted of about 6 hot spring fed pools, which are heated by the volcano. A big slide, and a 10 ft. waterfall cliff jump were also included. Afterwards we got to enjoy a delicious Costa Rican dinner.
The whole day was a total blast. We can´t wait till what tomorrow holds in store.