Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IGNITE 2012 (Yes, I said 2012!!)

IGNITE 2011 just completed and I'm excited to inform you that we've already locked in the ultimate location for IGNITE 2012!! It's going to be awesome! We have reserved Doe Lake Group Campsite in Ocala National Forest... one of the hardest sites to reserve because of its popularity and many amenities. Our goal is to have a worhip theme for this retreat. In fact, it's going to be called "IGNITE 2012 - Worship Fest". The camp holds up to 250 people and allows for live bands to play.

Here's a list of some of the amenities at this location (in alphabetical order): Bands/DJs are allowed, Beach, Covered Group Structure, Drinking Water, Dumpster, Fishing, Flush Toilet, Group Cooking Facilities, Group Grill, Ice Machine, Lake, Lake Front Sites, Multi Purpose Building, Photography Opportunities, Picnic Area, Picnic Shelter, Restrooms, Showers, Special Event Area, Water Faucets.

Some of the activities that we are planning are: Caving, Adventure Races, Canoeing, Outdoor Movies, and more!!

Lord willing, it's going to be the BIGGEST & MOST GOD-AWESOME IGNITE ever!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Few Camp Pics

Here's a few pics from our campsite =)

IGNITE "Breakdown"

Ignite finished strong. We spent the early afternoon breaking down camp. "Many hands make for light work" and everyone helped make packing up a very smooth & easy task (Thank You Igniters!!) =). It was great spending time with my awesome cousins as well as several repeat participants and a few newbees!! We were excited to have 4 families involved this year in addition to several individuals that attended. The campsite, the participants, the weather, and the presence of God made this a very special weekend. We're already planning next year's Ignite!!

On a side note, we had some GTD vehicle issues on the way back to Largo. If you know the 15 year history of GTD then you know getting to & from the destination is smetimes more of an adventure than some of our activities - LOL!! After 2 days of charging cell phones & camera the F250 had to be jump started before we could leave. Then in Tampa the maroon F150's transmission started having problems. It took about 2 extra hours to make it home, but the fun-loving attitudes made it another GTD highlight indeed. Special thanks to Brandon Hanes for all his help during the trek home... what a great Godly guy!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Day at IGNITE

Time flies by too fast. We've had another great time with another great group of people!! Today is our last day together. After another cold night (but not as cold as the night before) we woke up & gathered around the warm campfire. We had pancakes for breakfast and studied Ephesians chapter 4 for our morning devos. It was very good!! Now people are squeezing in their last few hours of activities (or relaxation) before it's time to break camp. It's a gorgious day!!!

IGNITE Night 2

We had a great 2nd night on the IGNITE Retreat. Yummy tacos for dinner followed by some sweet praise & worship by Spencer around the campfire. Then we had our Bible study around the fire ring followed by smores & a great outdoor move (The Count of Monty Cristo) Our Impact Point revolved around being "On Fire For Christ". We talked about how Jesus calls us to be like a fire on top of a hill to reach the world for God's glory (Matt 5). A fire provides light, warmth, protection, preservation, purging, & comfort. It takes fuel, oxygen, and a spark to start a fire and continued fuel & oxygen and a lot of hard work to sustain a fire. To put out a fire it has to be sufficated or the fuel must be seperated & expended. What spiritual lessons does God want us to learn through fire??? We talked about many lessons we see... what lessons do you see?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Canoeing, Ultimate, & More...

We had a fun time canoeing Mill Dam Lake. Afterwards we played a big game of Ultimate on our personal beach... lots of fun =). When we finished Ultimate it was time for lunch which meant it was make your own pizza quesadillas!! Now the group is relaxing - some on hammocks :). Very nice day so far =)

IGNITE Morning Devo

After an awesome breakfast of eggs, biscuits & gravy it was time for our morning devos. This morning we had a great devotional time as we split up and read Philippians chapter 2 & had personal quiet times then met back around the campfire to share what God is teaching us. It's so neat to hear all the different ways God is working in each person's life. It was a good morning :) ... now it's time to go canoeing!

Safe & Sound

Everyone made it to camp safe & sound. The group helped set-up tents, cots & the rest of camp. Laurie made some delicious chili & hot chocolate. We had our orientation around the campfire followed by a mini Impact Point. Our theme this weekend is being "On Fire For Christ". It takes 3 elements (oxygen, fuel & a spark) to ignite a physical fire, but what are the elements God uses to start a spiritual fire? That's what we are exploring this wkend. We finished the night with some God-awesome praise & worship around the fire performed by my cousin Spencer Maddox... wow, that boy is talented!! Heading to bed late... nite, nite =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautiful Wkend 4 IGNITE!

Laurie & I (and the dogz) have made it to our weekend campsite... we have an awesome beach & spring fed lake all for our group!! We are setting up camp now and the dogz are playing in the lake (watch out for the gators!!). The rest of the group should start arriving around 7pm. It's going to be a GR8 wkend!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Plateau Point - Grand Canyon

Still savoring our trip to the Grand Canyon... can't find big enough adjectives to describe how much I LOVED it!! Already planning next year's trip =). This is the raw footage as I approached the most majestic view I've ever seen... The Plateau Point on Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon. I was speechless... Glory to God for His creation!!

Where R U?

We are called TO the Promise Land, but we are directed THRU the wilderness to get there. The wilderness is God's temporary classroom that prepares us for the Promise Land... the problem is that too many people decide to reside in the wilderness... to settle for daily rations instead of overcoming the giants that occupy God's promise to you... to suffer in a desert instead of rejoicing in the rivers. Don't blame God for many unnecessary years in the wilderness when He only wanted you there for a few weeks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye!!

Yesterday we had a fun time together as we toured through Sedona on our way to Phoenix. We had a victory pizza dinner & shared our highlights of the week. Without a doubt, this has been an amazing week with some amazing people as we worshiped an AMAZING GOD together!!

We stayed at the Ramada in Phoenix last night and today we are shuttling everyone to the airport. Saying goodbye is never fun, but when you know Jesus as your Saviour, it's really just saying "See you later!". The bonds we built on this trip were pretty awesome and we look forward to what the Lord has ahead of us.... and we certainly can't wait for the 2012 Grand Canyon Trip!!!

Laurie & I fly back to FL tomorrow afternoon/night and we can't wait to post all of the majestic pictures & videos we captured this week. But for now... enjoy this 1 minute clip of our 12.2 mile roundtrip hike into the Grand Canyon... more to come =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slide Rock Park

Enjoying a few hours at Slide Rock Park... so enjoyable :)

Speachless Again

I can't help but want to share my excitement in the hike we all accomplished yesterday!  It was a hike that took us on a 3,200 foot descent into the Canyon to complete a 12 miles round trip journey!  For all of us it was one of the most incredible hikes we had ever been on.  We traveled switchback after swithcback, step by step into the Canyon until we were completely submerged into it's beauty.  The views left us speachless, jaw dropped and in awe over God's beauty and creativity.  I think it's safe to say I'm becoming a Grand Canyon junkie...I can't get enough and I'm already day dreaming about my next encounter with one of God's most majestic places in the world.  There is so much more to see and do....and we've only begun to scratch the surface! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Made It In!!

6.1 unbelievable miles on the Bright Angel Trail... capped of with the most breathtaking views of my life!! Now for the hike back up :)

1.5 Miles Into The Canyon


Grand Canyon Hike!!

Going down into the canyon!!!