Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pics from Lila's & The Corral Concert

Thursday night after the beach we were invited to Lila's house (our cook) for a fantastic chalupa dinner. It's a great honor to be invited to a Costa Rican's home for dinner. We were touched & blessed to receive this special attention.... and, WOW, Lila makes THE BEST chalupas ever!! While we were there she showed us the new tile floor that she had put down with the extra money she had earned as our cook from last summer... we were so happy to see that we have been as big a blessing to her as she has been to us =).

After our dinner at Lila's we joined up with the young adult mission team from Christ Fellowship Church of Ft Lauderdale, FL. We met up at Rancho Arbol de Vida (Tree of Life Ranch - Banyan Resources) for a night of praise & worship, a sermon from an eldery, yet fiery young-at-heart Costa Rican Pastor, and a concert by Juan Rafael Alvarez Sibaja... with a little Tico spiced dancing!!!