Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hey ya´ll it´s Savannah! I´ve been here for a little bit over a week and it´s awesome so far. Today, I was assigned to be a co-leader with Madi and it´s been pretty interesting to see how each of us leads in different ways. We woke everyone up, did devos and had a great breakfast made by Lela! After that we started the work project which was making cement and laying it on the ground in the mess hall area. Some people were working on cleaning up the yard area in front of the Sunday school classes across the street.
Everything is going great! We´re planning a skit today to do tomorrow for the women´s luncheon then we´re having "lava´s" hahahaha AKA Volcanoes for dinner! The weather has been awesome. Rain here and there and a lot of shine too. I love and miss you all!

Hey everyone! Kathleen here :)
It´s been an amazing 2 weeks here in Costa Rica. I can´t believe how fast the time is going by. These past 2 days have been a little rough for me being sick, but your prayers have helped immensely and I´m feeling much better! We´ve completed SO many work projects at the church during the week with the Texas team as well as this week with Kysha and Heather! God´s doing some big things here :)
Tomorrow we are helping with a women´s luncheon that the church is doing and they´ve asked us to do a skit. So we really felt that doing the skit to the song Everything by Lifehouse would be a great opportunity to show these women that no one is too far from the grace of God no matter what you´ve done.
We´ll continuing updating throughout the week!
Thank you all for your prayers! We really appreciate them. Miss you guys! Hope all is well in the states!

P.S. if you could lift Dougie Fresh up in your prayers...he´s not feeling too hot right now =/ Thanks!