Friday, July 27, 2012

150+ KIDS FED IN POOR TOWN (FWC Mission Trip)

We teamed up with our partner church in Costa Rica and fed 150+ children and parents this week in the very, very poor town of Fijije... and we got to play with the kids and share the gospel!



Last night Laurie participated in the Thursday night church service at the local church we have partnered with in Fortuna de Bagaces, Costa Rica. She shared a video and testimony recapping the past 10 weeks of missions work that was accomplished. We also had two members of the Family Worship Center mission team share testimonies as well. Thank you Lorena for translating for Laurie last night. Everyone did a great job!



Laurie Finger has a new Costa Rican necklace ;)



If one picture is worth a thousand words then how many words are 4006 pictures worth! Check out all the God-awesome things we did with 3 fantastic groups that participated in our adventure camps over the past month. Enjoy reliving the excitement... and never forget that there's no greater adventure than seeking God first!

1128 of the pictures from our Adventure Trip with Transit Youth Group (7th Grade Guys) have been uploaded to our SmugMug photo album!!! (more pics from this trip coming soon!)
Check out the TRANSIT pics here.

2177 pictures from our Adventure Trip with The Family Center on Deafness & the ASL Students from Pinellas Park High School have been uploaded to our SmugMug photo album!!!
Check out the FCD / PPHS pics here.

701 pictures from our Adventure Trip with Calvary Chapel of St Petersburg (MS Youth Group) have been uploaded to our SmugMug photo album!!!
Check out the CCSP pics here.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


(click pic to enlarge)
SLAM DUNK! I love this series of pictures as I get tackled during a rapid called "Sock 'em Dog" on the Chattooga River. Maybe it should be called "Sock 'em DOUG"!

One of the students from PPHS gets launched from the raft and takes me out with her. This happened a couple of weeks ago on the FCD/PPHS Adventure Trip. We had a blast!

On a sad note... the next day a Nashville man died only a few feet away after his raft flipped and he got lodged in the rocks leading into this rapid (it was the first death on the river since 2003). You can read the story here.



GTD wants to thank Fred Daus and the wonderful staff at Fredrick James Accounting for their incredible & professional accounting services. Each year the team at FJA generously donates their time to complete GTD's annual 990 tax report. The IRS requires answers to several complicated questions and indepth financial reporting that is way beyond our ability to complete without professional accounting help. But the FJA team joyfully embraces these difficult requirements to help GTD meet our legal obligations. We deeply appreciate their kind acts which saves our ministry a lot of time, energy, money, and probable frustration. Thank you Fred, Crystal, Steve, Joe & Wilda for all you do to bless our ministry! God bless you =)

In addition, I wholeheartedly recommend Fredrick James Accounting for your business & personal taxes and financial accounting needs!


Mission On Pijije.

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