Sunday, June 19, 2011

The New Missions Team Is Here!!

Our Mission Team w/ Pastor Danilo
It may be a small team, but we are looking forward to BIG things this week!! Our 2 newest additions - Heather Turner & Kysha Shaffer - arrived safely last night after the TX team returned home. Today we enjoyed a great church service as we worshipped together and watched the families honor their fathers on Father's Day. It is so amazing how we don't understand the language, but we share the same God... the unity of believers knows no walls. We embarked on a nice adventure in the afternoon as we visited Luis' (our bus driver's) new farm. We drove on a lot of dirt & gravel roads to get there, but it was well worth it. The farm is beautiful and it is surrounded by incredible mountainous & lushish scenery. We watched as Luis called out to the cows, "Banga! Banga!" and all the cows came running to him... it was so cool. Too bad for 13 of the cows tomorrow as it will be the last time they come running to a different kind of  "bang-a" "bang-a"... they will all become a lot of steak dinners for many to feast on. It almost makes you want to become a vegetarian!! While on the farm, Luis climbed a guava tree and picked some fresh guavas for us to eat. Delicious!! Then it began pouring down raining. As we were leaving, the van got stuck in the mud, but after about 20 minutes we were able to work our way out of there =). It's so great to be around good Christian people who find the fun & joy even in getting stuck in the mud!! One thing you can count on with GTD is that each day is a new adventure! Now we are about to have a yummy spaghetti dinner & our nightly God time (we call it "Impact Point"). Pura Vida my friends!! Hasta manana!!