Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 4!

Hola! Erika and Kat here!
These past 2 days have been full of work and fun and adventure here in Costa Rica! Yesterday we did work at the church all morning and part of the afternoon and were invited to be a part of some women´s Bible Study groups here in town. The team split up into 2 groups and enjoyed spending time with the women just getting to know them and what they are doing in the church and in their town. After that we headed to Thermo Mania for a few hours of hot springs and a delicious dinner at their restaurant.
Today we woke up and began a full morning of work. Our team helped Pastor Danilo begin digging a trench to help drain water from the church field whenever it rains. For lunch we went to Luis and Marita´s house. Luis has been our bus driver for quite a few years and we have come to have a great relationship with him and his family. Marita cooked us Arroz con Pollo and this really, really good Purple Potato Salad (It´s beets and some type of delicious concoction!!) and for dessert we had lime, strawberry and vanilla ice cream on a cone. We really feel that getting as involved in the community as possible is one of the most important things we´ve been called to do here in Costa Rica. God has opened up many doors for us to build relationships with these people and they are all constant reminders of why we do what we do here in Fortuna :)
Tonight we are going back to Luis and Marita´s house for dinner and games and to just spend time with them! And tomorrow we will be heading to Playa Tamarindo for a fun filled beach day!

Please continue to keep us in your daily prayers as we continue on our journey here in beautiful Costa Rica!