Sunday, June 26, 2011

Airport Runs

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Heather Turner as we completed our 3rd mission trip of the month. We left the church at 5:45am & drove 3 hrs to the SJO airport in San Jose.
Along the way a motorcyclist wrecked in the oncoming lane as his cycle slid from under him. Thankfully his cycle didn't continue to slide or else it would have have nailed us head-on. I had to get on the brakes, which instantly woke everyone up in the van... nothing like a quick surge of adrenaline at 7am!! On the groovy side Kysha was loving the mission trip so much that when her dad offered for her to stay for 1 more week she jumped on it... so Kysha is get 7 more days of "extended play"!! And we're glad to have her for another week. God has been working in so many people's lives... it's unreal... the local youth continue to hang out with us every moment they can... in fact, Yikson (our hard working 17 year old construction leader) keeps tapping his heart with his fist and saying in broken English, "You are my family." It's touching to say the least. While half of the GTD team is staying in San Jose as we wait for our last group of the month (Skycrest Baptist Church youth grp) the other half is at the church / bunkhouses getting everything ready for them. Right now we are having lunch in a really cool pizza place called Ragu... oops, pizza just arrived... later gators!!