Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 6!

Hey folks, hope all is well in the good ole US of A!
     These past 2 days have been filled with adventures and beautiful weather! The Lord kept that rain from interfering with our work days and beach day. Yesterday was our beach day at Playa Tamarindo and it was also Erika´s birthday! We stopped in Liberia to visit our friend Diego and his wife. He translated for us last summer, so it was great catching up with an old friend for a few minutes. We continued on to the beach where the weather was just beautiful! We ate at a great pizza place for lunch and shopped for a couple of hours each finding unique gifts and such for ourselves as well as family members. Jen and Traci were able to experience a beautiful part of Costa Rica and really dive into the beach culture over here on the Pacific side!
     Today, we woke up early and began another work day out on the church property. We´ve been helping level out some of the land to build a ditch to help drain water that is retaining in the field behind the church. God´s given us a lot of strength to keep working through this hot weather, but we´ve grown to enjoy the time we get to spend outside together! Tonight our team is making a whole dinner for some people here in town who have been HUGE blessings to us since we got to Costa Rica. We will be making them Chicken Parmesean, pasta, salad, garlic bread and Dirt (That awesome pudding dessert we all loved when we were kids!) and just spending time showing them how much we truly appreciate all they have done for us. For now, we will be spending the afternoon playing with the kids in town and spending our last night with Traci and Jen showing them how real Ticos y Ticas live here in CR ;)
Tomorrow Laurie, Erika, Traci and Jen depart for San Jose airport to drop Traci and Jen off and wait for Madi (another intern) to fly in! Then Sunday, Doug and Savannah arrive as well as our next team from TEXAS! We cannot wait to see what crazy things God has in store for us this next week!

Keep praying for guidance and strength as we embark on this incredible and somewhat tiring journey! You guys are awesome :)
BE BLESSED! will be up soon. As soon as I figure out how to work these computers down here ;)