Friday, July 1, 2011

My Journey :)

Jessica P. here! I love Costa Rica!!! It´s been so much fun! I had a great time at the beach Playa Tamarindo yesterday and bought alot of stuff for the family. The food is very good but different. I´ve been sick for a couple days now and it kinda stinks, but I´m still having fun! The people here are very nice even though I really can´t understand them. Sometimes I´ve really been touched by the people in this town. The kids here are so thankful for everything we give them. I´ve been having fun playing with the locals every night. I would love to come back and visit the kids and church members. They were so kind to us. Yesterday at the beach, Tristan and I went to go eat sushi and on our way back it was really slippery and he fell on to one of the locals bikes! It was so funny I couldn´t stop laughing! The local just looked at him and said something in Spanish we didn´t know what he was saying but we nodded and said "Siiiiii". Then we had a jam session going on in the van on our way home and Mitch was freaking out the entire way back to the church. So last night was a normal night....until I puked ALL OVER the bathroom floor. And Stacey had to clean it up for me. What an interesting night we had haha but I am feeling a lot better today, so it´s all good.
Today woke up at 7! It was nice to have an extra hour to sleep in. Lila, our cook, had Empanadas for breakfast for us. Then we all got ready to go do our devos on a beautiful piece of property outside of town. We went to the mountain to just get closer to God and I really felt I did. Then Alfredo took us on a little tour to show us how the Indiginous carved different things into the rocks. That was really neat! We also got to ride in the back of a truck... That was pretty scary hary!! Thought we were going to fall off!! Then Tristan and I went  to go help get trash from the school and throw it out. We were all dirty after that and Paul kept calling Tristan the pretty little princess so Tristan put dirt all over his face so Paul would stop making fun of him!!
It´s been a great day so far and tonight we´re going to Thermo Mania which is a small hot springs waterpark! It´s going to be awesome! See you all soon!