Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest CR Update

Doug here with a big "Thumbs Up" =). I'm still in the US preparing for the rest of our summer trips while Laurie & her gal pals (girl power!!) lead up the first mission trip in Costa Rica. I was able to chat with Laurie thru facebook this afternoon. Everyone is doing great and the newbees are falling in love with CR (it's impossible not to!!). They are having dinner with other ladies in the community tonight as God continues to allow our ministry to build great relationships in the small town of Fortuna... but I will let them give you all the details when they blog about it later. I have a few more days to finalize all our office work as we head out on the field for 7 straight events (4 Mission Trips & 3 Adventure Trips). I'm looking fwd to what God is going to do on each trip & in each person's life =) ...TTYL =)