SLAMMED (TN) (July 25-29, 2020)

(Last updated: July 21, 2020 at 11:00pm)

Current Attendance Headcount: 25

NEWEST UPDATE: Coronavirus Exposure Questionnaire - COVID-19 Waiver for GTD uploaded to website (1 page - pdf) (Note: review this questionnaire / waiver and take your temperature before driving all the way to camp. This is required in order to participate on SLAMMED!)

NEWEST UPDATE: Agenda & Trip Overview uploaded to website (1 page - pdf)

NEWEST UPDATE: The SLAMMED official dates and times are still the same, but all participants now have the option of arriving earlier and/or staying later at no additional cost. Our group campground reservation begins on Wed July 22nd at 2pm and ends on Fri July 31st at 2pm. Feel free to arrive to camp early and stay late. You'll have access to camping gear & supplies, but will be responsible for your own meals outside of the official SLAMMED agenda. PS: Our set-up team will arrive on Wed July 22nd in the late afternoon.
<> The SLAMMED Adventure Trip is officially ON!
<> We've had 7 people cancel going on SLAMMED 2020
<> Currently we have approximately 25 people still registered
<> Read the 11 points below titled "Important Information Related To COVID-19"
<> The following pdf's were added to the website below:

We are concerned about the recent spike in Coronavirus cases, especially with younger people. SLAMMED is an outdoor event which helps a little bit, but it is also a group event that has activities with inherent impossibilities for regular hand washing, complete social distancing, and 100% compliance for wearing a mask. The best that we can offer on an event like this are partial mitigation measures. When we planned SLAMMED we were hoping that COVID-19 cases would be drastically decreasing, not drastically increasing. As of today SLAMMED is still scheduled for July 25-29, 2020. Here's what you need to know:

1) NEW "CANCEL DATE": Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing nationwide. Because of this we are staying in a flexible mode. Currently SLAMMED is still on, but we are ready to postpone it or cancel it if we feel we need to. The final decision will be made around 5pm on Monday July 20th and will be posted on the SLAMMED website ( 

2) CONSIDER THE COST: Coronavirus cases are surging in Florida and throughout the United States. Florida just had over 15,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in a 24 hour period. SLAMMED is taking place in a very rural area in Tennessee (Polk County) where there have only been around 60 confirmed COVID-19 cases. But just because the confirmed cases have been low in this area does not mean you won't be exposed to the virus while at camp from an asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic SLAMMED participant or during your travels to & from camp. The fact is that positive Coronavirus cases are surging in Tennessee and every state that you will drive through to get to Tennessee. In addition, GTD can't supply 100% opportunities for participants to implement all the mitigation guidelines recommended by the CDC while attending SLAMMED. We can supply, encourage, and recommend some of them, but 100% compliance is impossible with group dynamics and activities such as white water rafting, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, etc, etc. There are times when social distancing, wearing a mask, hand washing, and access to COVID-19 testing are impossible. During these times people are at increased risk of being exposed to someone who may have the virus and not know it. Currently we have about 20-25 people registered for SLAMMED. Most of them are between the ages of 18-30. You must consider the cost. You must assess your own risk level. And you must take responsibility to be proactive in your own mitigation efforts. Is this trip worth the risk to you? Is your personal health & well being worth this particular risk at this particular time? We will be doing this event again in 10 months. Would it be wiser and safer for you to not take this risk right now? Some may look at this situation and conclude that they feel safer getting out of the city they live in and heading into an outdoor rural area. Some may feel safer going camping with a group of strangers than they feel going to a grocery store full of strangers. And some may conclude that this trip isn't worth the risk of increased exposure that could lead to sickness, prolonged hospitalization, unknown long-term affects, or even death. You must consider the cost and decide for yourself. We recommend that if anyone has any concerns then they shouldn't come at all or they should opt out of any activities or situations that have higher risks. We will attempt to screen out anyone who poses a risk to the group and we will have a COVID-19 waiver that everyone must sign in order to participate, but no measures we take will protect you from the risks outlined above.  

3) 100% REFUND: Any person can decide not to attend the event or leave the event at any time if they have any concerns about anything. They will receive a complete refund. There is absolutely no pressure to come (or stay). We are happy to refund you 100% of your SLAMMED payment before or during the event if you decide to cancel all or part of your trip.

4) BASIC PRE-SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE: We will require each participant to complete a "Health & Coronavirus Exposure Questionnaire" within 36 hours of the event. If you answer yes to any of the questions then they will not be permitted to attend SLAMMED. You need to complete this questionnaire before you drive to Tennessee. 

5) TEMPERATURE & OXYGEN SATURATION MEASUREMENTS REQUIRED: Upon arrival to camp each participant is required to have their temperature & oxygen saturation levels taken by the GTD staff. Both measurements are taken by non-invasive means. Temperatures will be taken by a no-contact infrared forehead thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.3° F won't be allowed to stay at camp and it will be recommended that they seek out a local clinic for a professional temperature measurement. If a professional medical reading indicates a temperature at or under 100.3° F then the participant can return to camp with written proof of their accurate temperature. Oxygen saturation levels will be taken with a Pulse Oximeter on your fingertip which uses small beams of light to measure your oxygen level. Lower oxygen saturation readings (usually under 95%) may be an indication of problems breathing, poor circulation, or a faulty reading. Because low oxygen readings have many causes (including faulty readings) it will not by itself prevent someone from staying at camp or participating in activities, but will be used as an additional means of proactively looking for any indications of acute health concerns. Further professional medical intervention may be recommended. It is highly recommended that you take your temperature before driving all the way to camp! Any participant that has to leave camp due to high temperature readings (or other health concerns) will be refunded 100% of their SLAMMED payment. Fuel costs, medical costs, and other expenses will not be covered by GTD. Take your temperature before you drive to Tennessee!!

6) COVID-19 PRE-TESTING IS RECOMMENDED: It is recommended (but not required) that each participant be tested for COVID-19 about 7-10 days before SLAMMED. The Florida Health website states, "Get tested right away if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or are concerned about your status. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you can get tested. Find testing sites for walk-up and drive-thru testing. Testing differs by location. More and more sites offer rapid tests and antibody testing. Call your doctor or your County Health Department if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, have symptoms, and need to be tested."

7) INDIVIDUAL & "FAMILY" TENTS PROVIDED / DRIVE SEPARATELY OR CARPOOL IN SMALL GROUPS: The highest concentration of being in close proximity of another person for a prolonged period of time is while driving, and while sleeping for 6-8 hours in a tent. To help minimize the risks of these two activities we are asking people to drive separately (or as a small unit in a carpool) and to sleep alone in a tent (or with the small group you carpooled with). The people that you carpool with will become your "colony" for the trip. GTD is providing smaller individual tents for social distancing measures during sleep hours. We will also have large 12' x 12' tents for 2 people per tent (cots are 6' apart) to be shared by a family or the same gender from your carpool "colony".

8) HAND WASHING STATION & HAND SANITIZER: We will have places at camp to wash hands as well as hand sanitizer near the restroom and kitchen area.

9) SOCIAL DISTANCING & WEARING A MASK WHEN POSSIBLE: Camp life and adventurous activities are inherently difficult to implement social distancing and mask wearing, but we will encourage people to stay vigilant at social distancing and hand washing whenever possible as well as to stay in their "colony" if they drove up as a small group / family. If people stay mindful of these mitigation measures and proactively take the initiative to self implement these approaches then there are plenty of great opportunities while at camp and on some of the activities to stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask... such as while hanging out at camp, standing in line for meals, sitting around the campfire, etc.



3.5  (TOUGH+)

2020 SLAMMED Adventure Trip
(25th Annual!!)
July 25-29, 2020 (Sat-Wed) - Benton, TN

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Get SLAMMED with non-stop adventures by GTD!


SLAMMED is GTD's original favorite. This is the Adventure Trip that started it all! SLAMMED is the first trip (and only trip) offered by GTD in 1996 and God used it to give birth to our full time year-round ministry today (ALL glory to God!).

Over the course of 5 days GTD slams you with several heart-pounding adrenaline-pumping adventures that will exhilarate you to the core! In our time together we will travel to Cherokee National Forest in eastern Tennessee to go camping, rock climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, waterfall sliding, hiking, and cliff jumping. Now you see why we call it SLAMMED!

We will set up our base camp in an amazingly beautiful national forest and visit nearby waterfalls!!! We will chase after all of these adventures as we explore the majesty of God's creation. And that's not even the best part, we will also explore the majesty of God's presence through daily devotions, praise & worship, and nightly challenges from the Bible as we hang out around the camp fire.

SLAMMED will challenge you and potentially change your life as you grow closer to God, make new friends, encounter & overcome fears, and engage in some of the most outrageous adventures of your life! Instead of getting so busy that you feel crammed, take 5 days to jump start your life by getting SLAMMED!

Check out this SLAMMED promo video!

The Specifics

  • Annual SLAMMED Adventure Trip (TN)
  • July 25-29, 2020 (Sat-Wed) (5 Days / 4 Nights)
    • NEW: Early arrival and late departure option available at no additional cost.
    • Our group campground reservation begins on Wed July 22nd at 2pm and ends on Fri July 31st at 2pm. Feel free to arrive to camp early and stay late. You'll have access to camping gear & supplies, but will be responsible for your own meals outside of the official SLAMMED agenda. PS: Our set-up team will arrive on Wed July 22nd in the late afternoon.
  • Adventure Trip x 5 Days = $125/person (Ministry Partners = $99/person)
  • White Water Rafting = $45/person (this is optional)
  • STEP 2: PAY FOR THE EVENT. Select one of our payment options to lock in your spot.
  • 5pm (This is the official starting time on the first day at the campsite)
    • Early Check-In = Our group campground reservation begins on Wed July 22nd at 2pm. Feel free to arrive to camp early. You'll have access to camping gear & supplies, but will be responsible for your own meals outside of the official SLAMMED agenda. PS: Our set-up team will arrive on Wed July 22nd in the late afternoon.
  • July 29th at 2pm (Official ending tme to SLAMMED)
    • Late Check-Out = Our group campground reservation ends on Fri July 31st at 2pm. Feel free to stay later all the way up to Fri July 31st at 2pm. 
  • SLAMMED LOCATION: Benton, TN (Cherokee National Forest)
  • SLAMMED CAMPSITE: Chilhowee Group Campsite (Map & Directions)
  • GPS: 35° 09.014'N, 84° 36.335'W
  • CLICK HERE to view highlight pictures from past SLAMMED trips
  • 10
  • 50
  • All ages (17 & under must be accompanied by an adult)
 CANCEL DATE (if minimum amt of people do not register for this event)
  • Monday July 20th around 5pm
  • Carpool 
  • N/A
  • N/A
 SAMPLE AGENDA OVERVIEW (subject to change)


Drive to Camp
Restaurant Meals
Set-Up Camp
Dinner at Camp
Impact point
Morning Devos
Rock Climbing
Impact point
Morning Devos
Free Time
Impact point
Outdoor Movie
Morning Devos
Cliff Jumping
Waterfall Slide
Impact point
Break Camp
Depart Camp
Restaurant Meals
Return Home

  • Our participants love our meals. They're not your typical camp meals... they are so much better! The following menu is an example of what you may find on a GTD Adventure Trip: 
  • BREAKFAST: Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs w/ Biscuits & Gravy, Cereal, Fruit & Bagels 
  • LUNCH: Pizza Quesadillas!!, Sandwiches & Chips, Hamburgers 
  • DINNER: Tacos, Fajitas, Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, Spaghetti
  • DRINKS: Lemonade, Water 
  • We don't supply a lot of snacks so bring them if you need them. Participants are usually very hungry after each major activity.
  • If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs we will try to accommodate, but we need to know in advance (you may want to bring a few supplemental meals).
  • Full time guides, rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, swimming holes, waterfall slide, additional campsite activities, all activity equipment & gear, campsite, accommodations, tents, cots (or air mattresses), up to 11 meals, white water rafting opportunity (additional fee), morning devotions, nightly spiritual emphasis, free downloadable event pictures, and a lifelong God-awesome memory!
  • Parking fees where applicable, additional snacks, individual sleeping bags, water bottles, meals during transit, items listed on checklist (see below).
  • GTD events can be paid for with cash, checks, or debit / credit cards.
  • To pay online with a debit or credit card scroll to the payment button on this link (3% "Tax" added when paying online to cover PayPal & credit card fees).
  • Send checks to the mailing address on the Contact link.
  • Bring cash payments with you to the event.
  • GTD: 727-692-5296 (GTD cell phone - Doug Garner)
  • CHEROKEE NATIONAL FOREST: 423-338-3300 (Ranger Station)

Can you tell me a little more about the activities we will be doing?

Ocoee River - Middle Section
(Most popular river in the United States!)

The Ocoee River is the most popular whitewater rivers in the nation. No other river in the east offers the degree of challenge and consistent water flow that is found here. In fact, the Ocoee has been rated one of the ten best whitewater rivers in the country by Canoe Magazine. It has been chosen as the site of national whitewater championships on several occasions as well as home of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition. The Ocoee River is dam-controlled, so even in the driest months the water levels stay constant. You'll not only enjoy the thrill and excitement of America's favorite and most popular whitewater adventure, but you'll also enjoy a trip through the beautiful and dramatic Ocoee Gorge in the Cherokee National Forest. The Ocoee River offers two different sections of the river, the Upper Section and the Middle Section. On this trip your group will be doing the Middle Section.
The Middle Section: This section will thrill you from launch to takeout. You'll feel the excitement as you enter a 5 mile journey with over 20 continuous Class III and IV Rapids that drops an exhilarating 260 feet from start to finish.

TOTAL TRIP LENGTH:  5 Miles; 2-3 Hrs (includes transport time)
REQUIREMENTS:  Fully enclosed shoes, watershoes, or sandals with an ankle strap
ADDITIONAL COST:  $45/person

TOP ROPE ROCK CLIMBING: Top-rope climbing is all about having fun and being as safe as possible. Top-roping is the safest form of climbing. It offers the rock climbing experience with all the rewards but minimal risks by allowing you to climb a rock face with the safety rope always anchored above you minimizing your falling distance to only inches or a few feet.

RAPPELLING: Rappelling is a controlled descent down a rock face using a rope and friction device for controlling the speed of the slide. While rock climbing is all about getting to the top, rappelling is all about getting down safely. Rock climbing supplies the climber with a since of satisfaction, but rappelling is all about adrenaline & excitement.

WATERFALL SLIDE: This will be one of the most exciting adventures of the trip as we visit a nearby waterfall slide. We will spend several hours sliding over a 10' waterfall & jumping off 20' & 40' cliffs... as well as jumping off a nearby bridge into the cool water below!

What can I expect the campsite to be like?

For TEAM GTD, assembling a Base Camp is more than just randomly setting up a few tents, chairs and a mess hall. We want to create an environment that you love. We want to create a Base Camp that is inviting & fun. We want your first impression of your Base Camp to be, "Wow! Sweet! I love hammocks! Who wants to play volleyball! You've got cots, cool! This place is awesome!" Those kind of responses are the kind of responses we get when we set up a Base Camp The GTD Way. The GTD Way is deliberate, creative, functional and fun. Our objective is to create a temporary playground that promotes spiritual growth, recreation, community, sound sleep, physical renewal, outdoor dining, fun times, adequate hygiene and warmth while preserving a feel of being in God's amazing creation (which reveals the evidence of God). We hope you love it as much as we do!

What you should bring.


[  ]  Small Lightweight "Travel" Bible (may get wet!)
[  ]  Sleeping Bag
[  ]  Pillow
[  ]  Flashlight w/ New Batteries
[  ]  2 Water Bottles
[  ]  Sunglasses
[  ]  Sun Screen / Lip Balm
[  ]  Poncho (everyone must have)
[  ]  2 Plastic Bags (wet clothes)
[  ]  2 Zip-Lock Bags (very handy)
[  ]  Insect Repellent
[  ]  Eyeglasses / Contacts (if applicable)
[  ]  Any Necessary Meds (if applicable)
[  ]  SIGNED WHITE WATER RAFTING WAIVER (if you are rafting)
[  ]  GTD WAIVER (Filled out and SIGNED prior to participating!)

[  ]  Camera
[  ]  Favorite Snacks / Energy Food
[  ]  Extra Money

Bring proper amount of activity clothes that are lightweight & quick drying.
[  ]  Activity Shorts
[  ]  Activity Shirts
[  ]  Sweatshirt
[  ]  Seasonal Jacket
[  ]  Active Wear Pants / Jeans
[  ]  Activity Shoes
[  ]  Sandals / Flops
[  ]  Shade Hat
[  ]  Modest Swimsuit(s) & Towel
[  ]  Socks
[  ]  Underwear

[  ]  Note: If you are white water rafting then you must wear shoes (or sandals with ankle straps)

Toilets & showers will be available.
[  ]  Wash Cloth
[  ]  Towel
[  ]  Biodegradable Soap
[  ]  Biodegradable Shampoo
[  ]  Wet Wipes (very handy!)
[  ]  Toothbrush
[  ]  Toothpaste
[  ]  Deodorant (please bring!)
[  ]  Brush / Comb
[  ]  Hair Care / Gel / Spray
[  ]  Razor
[  ]  Shaving Cream

**DON'T BRING: Jewelry - or - Valuables**