Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Glimpse At Our "Casa"

Here are a few pics of the church / church bunkhouses we are staying at & much more...
This is the amazing community church in Fortuna that
serves as our home base. It is surrounded by local homes.
Inside the church (view from the front doors)
Inside the church (view from the pulpit)
(no air conditioning; only fans & windows...
people stay & worship God for hours)

The church has 4 bunkhouses on their property. This is
the men's bunkhouse (basic accommodations: wooden
bunks, foam "matresses", windows... and maybe a fan)

Basic shower w/ COLD water!!!! (sorry that the
pic is sideways... limitations on this computer)
Tipical toilet... can't flush toilet paper so it has to be
thrown into the trash can. (gross!!)

The guys know what these are ;)

A lot of small sinks with very few mirrors... most of us
aren't sure what we look like - hahaha

This is the cafeteria that we are helping to complete... it
serves as our mess hall & main meeting place.

Back side of cafeteria

Inside cafeteria... meeting for our morning devotions :)

Small groups doing daily devotions together.
(This group is meeting on the church basketball courts)

Church basketball courts... used to reach out to the
community through recreation & special events.
This is our cook Lela (& a helper) preparing our lunch
in a temporary kitchen. She makes the BEST meals!