Thursday, July 22, 2021


Yesterday I was sitting on the front porch with my parents. We were all rocking away in rocking chairs in a "pleasant" 94 degrees. My Mom is 90 and I'm 50 (going on 23). One of the neighborhood boys who is 9 years old stopped by to say hi to my parents. He was bored. So I asked him if he had a kickball or something similar. He went home and got a soccer ball. So, just a few feet away from my parents, he and I played a fun little playground game called "Bottle Cap" that I learned a few months ago from ZEAL youth group. Eventually he had to go home (after I soundly defeated him of course - haha). Today I was just inside the glass / screen door watching my Mom rocking away in her rocking chair while I returned some phone calls. The neighborhood boy rode up on his bike and went over to my Mom and asked, "Can your son come out to play?" Baahahahahaha!! My Mom started laughing... she hasn't heard that question in about 40 years!! What a precious kid! That made my day! I don't think I'll ever stop being a kid at heart - hahaha!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


We are finishing up our 7th month of 24/7 Caregiving with our parents. I was able to run 4 weeks of extraordinary GTD events (glory to God!) in June in NC. Now I'm back in FL and living at my parents' house for at least the month of July so that I can help them with their needs. I've got a fulltime house and dog sitter staying at my house while I'm at my folks so don't even think about trying to steal my Christmas wrapping paper wallpaper! I'm weeks & months behind on things like thank you notes, phone calls, emails, text messages, Facebook Messenger, mail, mailouts, office work, work projects, social media updates, etc, etc. I'm fortunate if I can get 1 personal/work task done each day. This isn't a complaint... just an update about my current limitations. Last week we started phasing in a day each week away from my parents' house to take care of personal/work responsibilities. I hope to slowly get caught up over the next few months. My sincerest apologies to those I haven't been able to respond back to yet... or personally thank... I have so many people to thank for so many things and I'm especially looking forward to expressing my appreciation, love, and gratefulness =) 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


About 10 days ago we were blessed and honored to supply an afternoon of kayaking for my next door neighbor's family reunion. They are a wonderful Vietnamese family from all over the United States. We took 20 family members (which was about half of the family that was in town) kayaking on Long Bayou. They were so much fun! We had a dodgeball style squishy ball war, a kayaking race, and a short tour of the bayou. If you've ever volunteered to work at the current GTD office (aka: my house) then you may have indulged in some delicious egg rolls or lemongrass steak that they've made for us. They are amazing cooks and wonderful people! We had so much fun paddling with them!!

Friday, July 16, 2021


Just before we left to run four weeks of Adventure Trips in North Carolina we had a series of Volunteer Work Days throughout the month of May. The response was astounding! I can't even begin to articulate my overwhelming gratitude for the selfless servant-hearted people (some of whom I had never met before) who showed up to help GTD and me to get ready to host some of the best summer camps in our 25 years of ministry! Many of you know that my sister and I are in a season of Caregiving for our parents that is requiring 80+ hours per week from each of us. We are so tired... soooooo exhausted. We needed help from our volunteers in order to pull off an amazing month of camps, but what we received was beyond anything we could have imagined. Selfless servants of God who simply wanted to use their abilities & availability to help the cause. They turned our MAYday of MAYhem in the month of MAY into 4 weeks of aMAYzing grace and accomplishment!! They reorganized our storage container, installed a security gate, inventoried our mobile pantry, repacked our trailer, fortified our trailer door, built a shelf to hold kayak paddles, built 4 new portable showers, relocated and installed a new mailbox, painted countless boards, and helped us pack up everything we needed to be ready to host some of our largest groups ever!! They not only helped us on our way, they launched us into an unprecedented 3 perfect trips in a row (it's rare to have one perfect trip in 5 years!) followed by our most attended and one of our best SLAMMED events ever! Their help lightened our load and filled our hearts. I can't accurately put into words how much their help caused us to succeed. It was a game changer! From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of a grateful ministry, thank you so much selfless servants of God for all that you did to bless us and to be a blessing through us to all the people we served at camp. You impacted a lot of lives for the glory of God!! Thank you so much and God bless you dear friends!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


It was the largest most attended SLAMMED event ever in GTD's 25 year history, and man was it beyond gooood... it truly was GOD-AWESOME! I'm so limited in time right now that I can't elaborate like I want to, but WOW, God blessed us immensely on this year's SLAMMED!! 55 fantastic participants were all-in for 5 days of non-stop focus, freedom, fun, fellowship, & faith (AKA: The 5 F's of GTD) in God's amazing playground and it all culminated into one of our best and most blessed SLAMMED's of all time!! I look forward to sharing all the highlights in the days ahead. A huge thank you to all of our staff and volunteers for their hard work and huge hearts that helped make this event so great! Aaaaaand all of my love and gratefulness to our supporters and prayer warriors that enable this ministry and its impact... you guys are blessing so many lives, including mine!
More pictures and highlights to come!
Going The Distance Adventure Ministry 
Celebrating 25 years of God-awesome adventures!

Saturday, July 10, 2021


We have returned to Florida and we have so many good things to report. We spent the past 2 weeks off the grid back in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, and I'm overjoyed to report that we completed our 3rd PERFECT event in a row!!! This time it was with a group of families. The trip for families was organized by two friends (Dan & Ron) for 52 people. We called the event D.A.R.E. (Dan And Ron's Excellent) Adventure for Families. It was flawless (praise God)! The kids LOVED IT! The parents LOVED IT! Our staff & volunteers LOVED IT! In fact, everyone is already planning for D.A.R.E. 2022!! I look forward to sharing all the highlights from this event with you in the days ahead and the cool ways God blessed us all. Thank you to everyone who makes this ministry possible! We have so much to celebrate!
Going The Distance Adventure Ministry 
Celebrating 25 years of God-awesome events!