Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Manual Labor is not a Dictator in Costa Rica!!

Sorry that we weren't able to blog last night, but we ran out of time. The group has been working very hard on several different projects such as digging a drainage gully for excess rain water, laying a concrete floor inside the new cafeteria (which includes breaking up large rocks into smaller rocks for extra concrete filler), cleaning up the church property, and a very tedious labor intensive task of leveling off the land around the basketball court to prevent water build-up on the courts. Each team has been making solid progress!! In the mornings we have our devotions right after a delicious Costa Rican breakfast... which usually includes rice & beans! The devo topic this week is Leadership. Yesterday we focused on the leadership examples displayed in the life of Jesus and we read the first half of John 10. Today we focused on 1 Samuel 18 to see the contrast between a great leader (Daivd) and a failed leader (Saul). Last night Doug spoke about the unity of believers and how God decided to reach the world thru a united family called the body of Christ... the lesson was based on the end of John 17. In addition to the daily work & the daily God time we also get to celebrate 2 birthdays 2day!! Both birthday girls happen to be named Madi... 1 turned 16 & the other turned 19 ;-). Currently the Harvest Team is preparing for a Carnival for the local kids... it should be a lot of fun and spiritually impacting!! It starts in 40 minutes... pray for great things!!! OK, gotta run... more to come... thanx for ur prayers!!!