Monday, December 17, 2018


PADDLE PROWL is GTD's annual canoe camping trip and we are excited to be heading back to the Ten Thousand Islands of south FL. The winter months supply some of the best camping conditions in south Florida!

Join us for a great weekend adventure on Feb 16-17 as we load up our canoes with food & camping gear and paddle out to a remote island for a weekend of God-awesome fun!

Click on the link below for more details and/or to register.

Event: Paddle Prowl Canoe Camping Trip
Date: Feb 16-17, 2019 (Sat-Sun)
Location: The Ten Thousand Islands of south Florida
Total Distance: Approximately 12 miles over 2 days
Cost: Only $23 (in celebration of GTD's 23rd year of ministry) plus food
Website Link: CLICK HERE

"They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves." - Mark 6:32

Going The Distance Adventure Ministry (Est 1996)


Friday, December 14, 2018


Our least desired and most avoided adventure is back on the calendar for 2019!

Swamp Thing is the backpacking trip your mama warned you about!

Trudging through the thick swamp with a heavy backpack on your back appeals only to the hardened adventurer with a drive to overcome, a mindset to embrace misery, and a passion to run into a challenge that everyone else is running away from.

So if you like taking the hard road BECAUSE it's the hard road, this may be the trip for you. If you like something BECAUSE everyone else hates it, this may be the trip for you. If you like your badge of honor with swamp water dripping from it, this may be the trip for you.

If you've got the guts to do GTD's romp in the swamp then click on the link below for more details and/or to register.

Event: Swamp Thing Backpacking Trip
Date: Jan 26-27, 2019 (Sat-Sun)
Location: Florida's Everglades
Total Distance: Approximately 8 miles round-trip
Cost: Only $23 (in celebration of GTD's 23rd year of ministry) plus food
Website Link: CLICK HERE

"For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power and love and self-discipline." - 2 Timothy 1:7

Going The Distance Adventure Ministry (Est 1996)

Monday, December 10, 2018


As we prepare GTD's 2019 & 2020 adventure calendar we are wondering what you've got to say... What? Where? When?

We would love your input!

Feel free to answer any of the following questions on our Facebook Page or leave any ideas, thoughts, or feedback that you think may help us include adventures, activities, & destinations that people love.




Thanks for the feedback!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


WOW, we are blessed with some of the BEST supporters and donors! We have 5 donors combining to match up to $13,000 in donations and pledges!! THAT MEANS IF WE RAISE $13,000 IN DECEMBER THEN IT WILL BECOME $26,000!!!


There are 2 matching one-time donation challenges... one for up to $5000 and one for up to $2600 for a total of $7600. That means for every dollar you donate in December to GTD (whether it's $5 or $500) it will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $7600 total. In essence that $7600 gets doubled for a total donation of $15,200 to GTD!!

If that wasn't enough, we have some more donors who will combine to match all monthly-pledge donations dollar-for-dollar up to $450/mth!! That's $5400 over the course of 12 months which will be matched to double it to $10,800!

Don't underestimate how impacting a one-time donation or monthly pledge to GTD can be, especially when it will be matched by some pretty awesome donors!

AND REMEMBER >>> FREE GTD T-SHIRTS TO ALL DONORS WHO DONATE $100 or more (or PLEDGE $10/mth or more)!!!

As we chase after this $100k goal by Jan 31st we are humbled and blessed beyond measure to have the support of incredibly generous people like you!

To donate to the cause or sign-up to be a monthly partner click here

To track our progress click here

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!


Monday, December 3, 2018



We are jaw dropped and thankful beyond measure for the outpouring of support we've received from amazing & generous donors as GTD prepares to go into our 23rd year of ministry. We can feel the love! Our gratefulness overflows!! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

We are thrilled about all that God is doing to launch GTD into 2019 & beyond! We celebrate His supernatural power and your thoughtful generosity =)

With $70k raised that means that we've got about 60 days to raise the remaining $30,000 to hit our $100k goal.

This is a great time to make end-of-the-year donations, beginning-of-the-year support pledges, and inquire if your company matches your donation to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

We've already had 2 donors have their company match their donations which added a total of about $3650 to our funds raised. It's a simple & great way to double your impact!

We've got more BIG NEWS coming your way tomorrow so stay tuned! Thank you again donors!! We praise God for you!

Click here to track our fundraising progress (or to donate to the cause)


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Support GTD today - Nov 27th >>> #GivingTuesday!

IT'S #GivingTuesday !!!!!

Support GTD today - Nov 27th >>> #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

This year, you can double your impact as Facebook and PayPal will match donations on Nov 27th up to a total of $7 million!

To have your contribution doubled you need to donate online through this Facebook link on Tuesday Nov 27th (TODAY!) before the $7 million dollars is all used up.

Matching donations begin online PROMPTLY AT 8am and expire as soon as all $7,000,000 is used up across the globe. The funds will go fast!

The earlier you donate the better chance you have at doubling your contribution.


HELP GTD RAISE $100,000 BY JANUARY 31, 2019!! ($50,000 RAISED SO FAR!)


Thank You So Much! God Bless You!!

Donation Link:

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Regardless of circumstances and life situations we have so much to BE thankful about. Don't wait to be thankful until you feel thankful. It doesn't work like that. Feeling thankful results from being thankful. It's an intentional act of the will that, in turn, affects your emotions. Emotions follow thought patterns. Find the silver linings in every dark cloud and you'll find that the silver is a reminder that "there is sunshine on the other side of those clouds" (as my best once said). Being thankful in harsh circumstances is one of the greatest acts of faith we can display. That faith pleases and glorifies God... and it renews your mind... and that transforms your life. I'm so glad we have a day set aside to focus on the profound importance of being thankful. It's not only a great way to live one day each year, it's a great way to live everyday of the year! And, it just so happens to be God's will for your life. As my pastor once said, "God takes complaining personally." I think God also takes the act of giving thanks personally. In that moment you make God's heart rejoice!

"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18


Tuesday, November 20, 2018


From the bottom of hearts we want express our deepest and most sincere gratitude to our donors, monthly pledge partners, table sponsors, business & raffle sponsors, supporters, volunteers, award winners, attendees, enouragers, prayer warriors, staff, board members, our amazing God, and EVERYONE involved in making our most important event of the year so successful last week!! GTD couldn't do what it does without you! Thank you all so much! God bless you! Much love =)

Lord willing, we are looking forward to kicking off our 23rd year of ministry in 6 weeks!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Glory to God!


Wednesday, November 14, 2018


God blessed us with an incredible banquet last night which included touching testimonies, inspiring speeches, delicious food, beautiful ambiance, special moments, great highlights, amazing volunteers, special awards, overflowing attendance, and magnanimous donors!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make last night an astounding success!

We finally completed the tally this morning around 3:30am and the preliminary results are in. We are at an abounding $50,000 raised!! That is a total of $19,000 in donations and $31,000 pledged over the next 12 months. Wow! We are jaw dropped!!

All 3 of our Matching Donation Challenges were achieved last night!! $15,000 was literally double to $30,000 through these challenges!! Thank you so much to our 3 anonymous givers that leveraged their generosity into an overflowing blessing to GTD!! And thank you so much to the many donors last night who met the challenge with executing generosity! We are so blessed and honored to be among such caliber of quality human beings! We praise God for each and everyone of you!!! We are eternally grateful.

So we are off to a miraculous start at our goal of raising $100,000 by Jan 31st (Praise the Lord!). We have several Ministry Partners that weren't able to be there last night that may sign back up for another year of generous support. We have "Giving Tuesday" coming up in 2 weeks. We have end-of-the-year donations coming up in December. We have new budget donors coming up in January. So, with 2.5 months of fundraising to go we are beyond thrilled to be half way to our goal!! Lord willing, that 100k by Jan 31st is within sight and we are pressing on towards the goal!!!!

Thank you so much everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


GTD has 3 different donors that are offering to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $15,000!!! That means that if you donate $15,000 they will too for a total of $30,000!!!

- $7000 & $2000 in One-Time Donations

- $500/mth in Monthly Pledges

You don't have to be at the banquet to donate.

Help us hit our goal of raising $100,000 by Jan 31st!!

Support the GTD cause... click here to double your donation



Drone Footage - Amazing Destinations - Fearless Feats - Flat Dave - God Honoring

With only a few hours until our Annual Banquet we wanted to pre-release our 2018 GTD Highlight Video titled: "Welcome To Camp!" This was my 16 year old nephew's first GTD highlight video and I think he did a fantastic job! It gives you a small glimpse into what a GTD adventure is like. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Music by Crowder =)
Video by Carson =)

Video Link:


Monday, November 12, 2018


Late night video editing with Director Carson... one GTD highlight video ready to go for our Annual Banquet! Thanks CarsO =)

Buy Christmas gifts from the comfort of your own home and bless GTD!

Buy Christmas gifts from the comfort of your own home and bless GTD! ...Win! Win! Win!

Click (or copy & paste) this link to shop some pretty incredible items on "thirty-one" (Proverbs 31) for Christmas gifts or personal use. 100% proceeds go to GTD! (Please choose direct shipping). Deadline ends Nov 30th.

Thank you Jeantette Dunham and Joy Weeman for putting together this shopping spree fundraiser for GTD! You guys are fantastic!!!

thirty-one online shopping link:



We are honored, privileged, and blessed to have our dear friend Pastor Steve Ringelspaugh - the Student Pastor of Skycrest Community Church - as our main speaker tomorrow night at The GTD Annual Banquet!!

This guy is AWESOME and SO MUCH FUN! We can't wait!

Join us for a special night of celebration, challenge, and preparation!

GTD Annual Banquet Link


Praise The Lord, we successfully completed the $1000 Donor Match Challenge issued by Go Green Reglazing over the weekend! Thank you Go Green & GENEROUS GTD DONORS!!!

NOW we have a $2000 Donor Match Challenge issued by one of our great Anonymous Donors!! Thank you Mr & Mrs Anonymous!!

Mr & Mrs Anonymous is matching every dollar you donate up to $2000!! What a great way to literally double your impact!!

Help GTD hit our goal of raising $100,000 by Jan 31st!! That's $33.4k each month for 3 months (Nov, Dec, & Jan)... or about $1000 per day! In Christ, we can do this!!!

It's time to replace (or, in some cases, repair) our adventure equipment & gear and launch GTD into our 23rd year of ministry!!

We've already raised nearly $10,000 in 12 days!! Praise God! Keep us on track to hit that $100,000 goal!

To donate, sponsor a table, and learn more information on how to support GTD click on these links:

GTD Donation Link

GTD Banquet Link

GTD Funds Raised Tracking Link




Saturday, November 10, 2018


We're excited about this year's gifts for our donors debuting at Tuesday night's banquet!! The more you give, the more you get! It's just a small way for us to show our gratitude and for you to represent, promote, and have a prayer reminder of the ministry you support.

(We are still distributing last year's donor gifts so we are surrounded by a lot of GTD SWAG.)

Thanks for supporting GTD!!!

GTD Banquet & Donation Website



Our dear friends at Go Green Reglazing have issued a $1000 matching donation challenge. They are matching dollar-for-dollar every dollar donated to GTD up to $1000!! What a great way to double your impact! (THANK YOU SO MUCH "GO GREEN"!!!)

We are just a few days from our Annual Banquet... what a great way to kick off our fundraising quest to raise $100,000 by Jan 31st!

If you love what GTD does and the impact it makes then this a great opportunity to invest in the cause!! We are preparing for our 23rd year of ministry and it's time to replace much of our adventure gear & equipment.

Let Go Green double your donation and double the impact in & through GTD!!!

And join us at 6:30pm this Tuesday night (Nov 13) at Largo, FL's Central Park Performing Art Center for our festive Annual Banquet! (Catered by Carrabba's!!)

To donate, sponsor a table, and learn more information on how to support GTD click on these links:

GTD Donation Link

GTD Banquet Link

GTD Funds Raised Tracking Link

GTD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

(Thank you Mark & Terezia Smith of Go Green Reglazing!!! And thank you donors!!)

Go Green website


Friday, November 9, 2018


Thank you Chuck Stewart, AxCelMark Corp, & Heather Williamson for our new GTD T-shirts!! Just in time for our Annual Banquet!

We love them and we know our donors will too! =)

This year's shirt is based on Psalm 1:

" Blessed is the one
    who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
    or sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a treeplanted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers.
Not so the wicked!
    They are like chaff
    that the wind blows away.
Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
    nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
For the Lord watches overthe way of the righteous,
    but the way of the wicked leads to destruction."

The deeper the roots, the more abundant the fruit! Go deep in your relationship with God and watch the fruit naturally produce. =)

Monday, November 5, 2018


Wow, this was a major task that had built up over the past 22 months. It took me 6 weeks to enter $350,000 worth of business & personal expense receipts, but Hallelujah, I completed the task today.

I'm usually on top of the detailed financial entries, but the past 2 years have been a whirlwind of activity that kept pushing the entries back month after month. It started in January 2017 when we were in Costa Rica for nearly 3 weeks running a huge mission trip. Then we returned to one of our largest retreat seasons ever that lasted till May. Then it was off to run the summer camps. Then it was calling off the wedding, running our fall events, and preparing for the banquet. Then I found out I had to relocate so it was immediately on to looking for a new place, attending open houses, applying for a home loan, packing up everything, and moving - all while running our winter & spring retreats. Then it was off to TN, GA, & NC to run our summer camps. Then it was out to Utah to run our out-west trip. As the months flew by so did the opportunities to enter the expense receipts. I was up to date on entering all of our income and paying our monthly bills, and I had a working understanding of our general monthly expenses. Thankfully the IRS gave us an extension until Nov 15th to file our corporate taxes. But to file our taxes (and get caught up-to-date) I had to tackle the mammoth job of entering 1/3 of a million dollars worth of business and personal expense receipts from a total of 14 accounts for the past 22 months. That's 308 months worth of statements (14 x 22 = 308). Each statement averaged about 45 minutes to complete which totaled about 230 hours (or six 40-hour weeks) of detailed data entry. I wasn't looking forward to this at all. But day after day I kept chipping away at it, and praise God, today I finished!! I feel so liberated... so free... so caught up!! And the greatest part is that I only have 2 months left in 2018 so I will actually have this years finances completed and ready to turn in as early as January!! Man, that feels so good! And it frees me up to get to the real work of the ministry - building / maintaining relationships and running God-awesome events!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One of the most powerful worship songs I've ever heard! Can't hear it enough!!

Jesus transforms VICTIMS into VICTORS! No matter what your history was or your situation is, God defines you with great value & great worth! You are worth dying for! That truth can transform your perspective. That truth can transcend any wound. But that truth can't be forced upon anyone. It has to be chosen. It sounds harsh, but being a Victor or being a Victim is a choice. That harsh truth can radically change your life. You may not get to choose what happened to you, but you do have the God-given power to define its value in your life. Is it your catastrophe or your catalyst? Is it your destruction or your construction? The same pressure that crushes is the same pressure that turns coal into diamonds. The same water that can flood you is the same water that can float you. And here's the most liberating thing: We get to choose. CHOOSE VICTOR! It's a much better quality of life!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018


It's that one night each year that we get all dressed up and we can't recognize each other!

Join us for our Annual Banquet as GTD celebrates 22 years of ministry and prepares to go into our 23rd year!! (WOW! Praise God!)

DATE: Nov 13, 2018
DAY: Tues Night
TIME: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

CATERED BY: Carrabba's!!!!!!!!

VENUE: 105 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771
Banquet to be held in The Parkview Room of the
Central Park Performing Arts Center (formerly known as Largo Cultural Center)


We can't wait to see you!!!!!!!


Friday, October 26, 2018


50 kids worshipping Jesus around the campfire =)

Skycrest Thrive Student Ministry camping retreat


This is my favorite piece of equipment to set-up and test out at camp!

HAMMOCKS = Best. Invention. Ever!

Skycrest Thrive Youth Camp starts in 1 hour =)


We are hosting Thrive Student Ministry of Skycrest Community Church for our last camping retreat of 2018. We almost made it the entire year without a flat tire... but our streak continues haha! Let the adventures begin!

Overcome the obstacles and go the distance =)

It's only flat on the bottom. Blow out on Veterans Expressway!


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Mission Trips, Adventure Trips, Retreats, DestiNATION Trips, Local Day Trips... GTD does it all!!

Family friendly... Christ-centered... Life changing!

Learn more & custom build your group event here.


(PS: 48 and feeling GREAT! Thank You Jesus!!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


4 weeks away from our most important event of the year... the GTD Annual Banquet!! Can't wait!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

SHELF LIFE! (R.O.T.C. = Renovating On The Cheap)

Special thanks to my Dad & People Helping People of Pinellas Park for donating shelving (that they were retiring) to me & GTD.

Carson & my Dad disassembled the shelves a few months ago. Laurie & I have been reassembling them little by little over the past 2 months. And Traci & Carson helped create the overhead storage.

Today I finished stocking the shelves and decluttering the garage. This now gives us the workspace we need to move forward with the home improvements projects.

One of our goals is to reduce our storage / possessions by at least 50% over the next 6 months.

I can't express how much simple joy I now get from clutter-free open space. That's coming from a guy that has historically held onto way too much stuff "just in case". But that ship has sailed... there's a new paradigm taking hold in my life that revels in clutter-free open space. I've got a long road of decluttering ahead of me, but I can't wait to travel this route.

Thanks again to People Helping People of Pinellas Park for their generous donation of shelving, as well as my family & friends for their hard work in this project!!

Final costs: Main shelving = FREE. Overhead shelving was built 3 years ago. Additional shelving supplies to add more shelves = $100. Total current shelving cost = $100.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


One of the most challenging aspects of running camps with a very small staff and being on the road for up to 5 months each year is all the administrative work that piles up while away. September through December is my annual time to catch-up on all the office work. This year was complicated by the fact that we had to relocate the home office. Finding & buying a house and then moving was an amazing experience, but it was extremely time consuming. It was my 2nd full-time job this year that took 6 months to execute all while running our camps. The great news is that all of the discipline applied to sticking to a wise daily routine kept me anchored in my daily devotions, consistent in my workouts, and healthy in my nutrition. The results are that I FEEL GREAT as I tackle a huge amount of admin work, prepare for our Annual Banquet, and get ready for our 23rd year of ministry! Currently I'm tackling our remaining financial entries so that our AMAZING ACCOUNTANTS - Fredrick James Accounting (who volunteer their services to GTD each year!!!) can submit our corporate taxes to the IRS by Nov 15th. I'm almost halfway through the projected 210 hours of data entries that piled up this year while moving and away at camps. 210 hours is the equivalent of a little more than five 40-hour work weeks that I'm working like a mad-man to do in under 3 weeks while tending to my other responsibilities. It's tedious, monotonous, and wrought with redundancy, but this nerd actually enjoys it. But I do look forward to completing it, being caught up, and getting to spend some quality time with our phenomenal faithful supporters who God uses to make this ministry possible. I can't wait for that!! We have so many people to thank, and hug, and rejoice with! But for the next week I'm playing catch-up in front of a computer screen entering receipts, expenses, and statements. A couple times each day I come up for air... then it's back to work =). Thank you supporters and friends of GTD for your prayers, love, and encouragement as we plod through another great year of ministry!

Thursday, October 4, 2018


Everyday for the past 5 months I've been reading and focusing on one of my favorite short stories in the Bible often referred to as, "The story of Martha and Mary" in Luke 10:38-42. At only 5 verses it may be pound for pound the most richly concentrated small passage in the Bible that accurately describes the meaning of life, mankind's premier priority, humanities' simplified purpose, and our tendency to chase after inferior counterfeits.

Its simplicity leads to a bewildering liberation. How can it be that simple?!?! Can the essence of life really be comprised into one simple thing?!?! Is sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His words really all that is necessary?!?! Certainly serving Him and serving the needs of others is my chief calling, right?!?! In this one short passage Jesus declares that doing things for Him isn't as important as spending time with Him. Not even close! Not even comparable. Martha, in all her well intended toil to serve Jesus, was so DISTANT from Him that she became distracted, anxious, troubled, accusatory, blameful, controlling, and overwhelmed with too much and too many things on her "service plate". Her service for Jesus actually pulled her away from Jesus. And the results were that she was miserable. And for too many people, especially Christians, we have over-valued service for Jesus to the point that we have under-valued spending time with Jesus. We have not accurately assessed the value of a relationship with our Creator. We have put the call above The Caller... the gift above The Giver... the service above The Guest of Honor. When we do this, the symptoms are easy to recognize. Like Martha, we become distracted, anxious, troubled, accusatory, blameful, controlling, and overwhelmed. But Mary didn't experience that. She set the example that we should all strive after. She left the kitchen to spend time with her guest. Bravely, courageously she put a target on her back to be perceived as someone being irresponsible, neglectful of others, and possibly even lazy. But she was right. She was enjoying the presence of God. And that's the point. We were created to enjoy God's presence above everything else. To find our greatest joy simply hanging out with Jesus. Martha was trying to do good things, but anything that takes the place of spending quality time with Jesus is, by definition, a distraction from Jesus. Don't be mistaken, service is very important and it has its place. But too often, for too many people, it has wrongly taken the place of our one necessity in life - being with Jesus. Service should be an overflow of our time spent with Jesus, not a substitute.

The great thing is that spending time with God is both simple and easy just like spending time with a best friend. Taking 10, 20, or 30 minutes a day to just hang of with God will lead to a fulfillment & contentment that is incomparable to anything else life has to offer. It's like winning the World Series everyday! Oh, it will take a little discipline, wisdom, and fight to get out of the kitchen, or turn the TV off, or put your phone down, or get up 15 minutes earlier. But all those things are a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus.

As one of my favorite former pastors used to say, "The main thing is to keep The Main Thing the main thing." =)


Wednesday, October 3, 2018


One of my life mantras is, "Anything But Boring!". When life & relationships become predictable then they become boring. Shake up your life with variety, adventure, and healthy risks... and you'll never grow old & wrinkled; only seasoned with smile lines!

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life,and have it to the full." - John 10:10

That's why I follow Jesus! He is anything but boring!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


It has been an extraordinary year at a break-neck pace! We have so many people to thank and honor and recognize!! We have so much to share! We have so much to celebrate!

Join us for another festive banquet on Nov 13th (Tues night) at The Parkview Room of the Central Park Performing Arts Center from 6:30pm - 9pm. And don't forget, this event will be catered by CARRABBA'S!!!

Come enjoy a special night as we celebrate 22 YEARS OF MINISTRY!!!





Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes! I've been blessed with a lot of great years, but 47 was one of the greatest. It was a year of slaying giants... of taking down anything that attempts to limit my fruitfulness for God's glory or keep me from my full potential in Christ. The sling that God gave me to hurl the stones at each giant was made up of 3 main ingredients - increased wisdom, increased discipline, and increased fight. Those 3 ingredients opened the door to a greater level of consistency and potency in every area of my life - better rest, better sleep, embracing the Sabbath, more consistency of eating healthy, drinking more water, an unstoppable daily routine, limiting my work hours, literally making myself stop working, spending more quality time with friends & family, living more in the moment, wiser management of money & resources, confrontation of any habit or thought that is counterproductive, attacking strongholds, being more intentional, and the list goes on, but the most important improvement was increasing my prayer life from good to great. Every step I took resulted from the directions God gave me during our time together in prayer. Every wise step originated from a wise word from God. Then each step, each battle, each fight became a journey with God to my personal promise land. It wasn't a self reliant endeavor. It was birthed in prayer and powered by God's presence. And that was the whole point. The essence of life isn't what we do for God, it's what we do with God. It's the difference between being a Martha or a Mary... someone who is distracted by all the service for God that they stay in the kitchen verses letting the dishes and meal preparation take a back seat to spending time with the guest of honor - Jesus - sitting at His feet listening to His teaching. Understanding that so much of life is just smoke and mirrors that easily distracts us from the One Thing that matters - a close abiding relationship with God. Nothing else matters as much as that. And nothing else compares to the surprising greatness of truly knowing Christ Jesus. Life is this ultimate road trip with God where both of us should be riding in a Jeep off the beaten path with the windows down and the tunes cranking while the breeze hugs every part of your body, and all you can think is, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else, doing anything else! I'm fully alive right now in this moment and sharing it with my Best Friend!" That is what life was created to be. But all the smoke and mirrors and distractions too often lures away from the ultimate road trip over to an empty rat race full of road rage. But Jesus is simply waiting to jump in the Jeep for the ultimate road trip. It can be the greatest adventure! You may think He is going to take you on this safe uneventful trail, but He will point you down every curvy dangerous road and each road will lead to a place where a personal giant is blocking your path. It's the roads we so often try to avoid, but Jesus ain't afraid. At each giant in the road you stop the Jeep and Jesus coaches you through slaying your giant... what each giants weakness is and how to slay him. Then you jump back in the Jeep, crank up the tunes, and head down the next dangerous road while reminiscing about the victory you just experienced as well as all the other awesome past victories. Building memories, and moments, and special times between you and your Best Friend. Slaying giants along the way. That's what 47 was for me. And I'm still in the Jeep excited about my next unexpected and dangerous road... itching for and craving my next fight. With every giant slayed the journey only gets sweeter. I'm thrilled about 48 and the dangerous roads ahead. I'm not afraid. I love to fight! I could die today or tomorrow or 3 weeks from now and I could care less because the eternal road trip will be even better, but as long as I'm here I'm going to be spending my days road tripping with Jesus and slaying giants and feeling the breeze hugging my soul =)

Monday, September 17, 2018


Costa Rica Mission Trips:
Adventure Trips to GA, NC, & TN:
Weekend & Spring Break Retreats to FL:
Day Trips in the Tampa Bay area:

OR... a customized trip to:
--> The Grand Canyon - AZ (S. Rim, N. Rim, or Horseshoe Bend)
--> Havasu Falls - AZ
--> Zion National Park - UT
--> Bryce Canyon National Park - UT
--> The Mighty 5 - UT
--> Durango / Telluride / Silverton / Ouray - CO
--> Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail
--> Backpacking on the Florida Trail
--> Canoe Camping to Coastal Islands - FL

If it's outdoors - something we're familiar with - and glorifies God > we want to build a dream trip for your group!


(Feel free to share this your Pastors & Group Leaders!)


Friday, September 14, 2018

ROTC (Renovating On The Cheap)... Repurposing Old Fencing!

Special thanks to my awesome next door neighbor (Jerry Mullins) who gave me nearly 60 sections of his old wooden fencing along with the 4x4 posts a few months ago. Obviously it's weathered and has portions that are rotting, but I've got some clever and creative ideas of how I can repurpose this into something useful, stylish (hopefully!), and inexpensive. Will it work??? We will see!

I'm hopeful to kick off the house renovation projects sometime in early October... just in time for milder temperatures. Right now I'm collecting supplies on the cheap. More updates to come =)

PS: Thank you Carson for your hard work and efforts to help me pick up, transport, and stack the word fencing!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Still cherishing our 16 mile overnight backpacking trip through The Narrows last week in Utah's Zion National Park with Calvary Church of Clearwater!!

It was full of endless river crossings, technical footing, and slow plodding, but it is such a unique and special national treasure... a feast for the eyes! UTAH ROCKS!!