Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Picture & Video Tour of Yesterday's Events

Monday was a FULL Day... morning devotions, property tour, construction project, Thermal Mania, and a lot of sickness among the mission team (Erika, Kathleen, and myself - duG - are all fighting a flu like bug... Laurie & Stacey had it last week). Here's a picture & video recap:

Laurie drawing her strength from God during her morning devos
After breakfast & morning devotions we set out for a tour of the Banyan Resources property to show our newest participants the vision of converting nearly 100 acres of farmland into a ministry outreach called Arbol de Vida (The Tree of Life Ranch)


After the property tour we went back to the church in Fortuna for lunch and to get to work on completing the concrete floor in the church's new cafeteria. Pastor Danilo has a BIG vision for reaching the surrounding communities with the life changing message of the gospel of Christ. Several other churches use the Fortuna church for retreats, conferences & events.

(click video above to watch)

The TX group won't believe this... we are using the cement mixer!!!
Heather Turner working hard to transfer sand to the cement mixer
Savannah & Kysha loading sand in the wheel barrow for the cement mixer
Laurie's newly adopted grandfather Santos Cruz working hard to lay the cement... this guy is in his 70's and works like a tweenty year old!
Only a little bit left!!!
After the hard work the team went down the road to one of our favorite places, Thermal Mania, to enjoy the thermal pools warmed by Miravalles Volcano... and an amazing Costa Rican dinner.

(click video above to watch)