Saturday, September 26, 2020


Thank you all for all the wonderful Facebook birthday wishes & text messages!!! Praise Jesus, I'm celebrating 50 years of life... or as I like to call it my 2nd round of turning 25 =) =) =) . 

I never imagined I'd make it past 40 with all the travels & adventures we do combined with my propensity to be a little klutzy. That's a lot of protective angels, supernatural intervention, mercy, grace, and Bandaids! All glory to God!! Aaaaaand special thanks to Johnson & Johnson ;) 

I'm usually pretty low key on my birthday and just like to go to a restaurant with family and friends throughout the day... or work on a project at home. But hitting 50 feels super special to me so I'm enjoying a long weekend of first-time adventures... so stay tuned for some adventure posts =).

I originally planned a "Land, Sea, & Air Day of Adventure" for my birthday, but the forecast called for a 70% chance of storms on my birthday so I switched the adventures from Friday to Monday. The weather ended up perfect on my birthday and now the forecast is for 70% chance of storms on Monday hahaha!! I hope Monday's "storms" are as beautifully sunny as yesterday's "storms" LOL!

(Thanks to a special friend I was able to get one unexpected surprise adventure in on my birthday... it was so much fun! I'll post it in a little bit)

Last night we had a wonderful family time at the Columbia restaurant on Sand Key Beach. It was such a great time =). Check out the cool poster board my sister made for me! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family! That is true riches =)

I always wished I lived in America during the 50's... now I guess I do haha!

Round 2 of turning 25, I'm here for you!!

Love'n Life Because of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Updates On The Way!


I have several posts & updates I'm a little behind on... so many good things to share (as well as a few health challenges that my parents are experiencing). I'm looking forward to getting caught up over the next couple of weeks =).

God is soooooo good!!