Friday, June 24, 2011

Its Friday Friday!!!!

Hey everyone! Madi here....Kysha and Heather are having an awesome time, we´re eating well, having a lot of good laughs and enjoying getting to know the locals more and more. Just took a break from painting the gazebo at the local school with the team and loving the weather and this awesome group of people. Its a bit rainy today, but rain always comes with some cooler weather behind it so no one is complaining. The last couple days have been a blast here in Fortuna. After the Ladies Lunchon Marita and Luis (our bus driver) invited us into their cozy and wonderful home to eat some of Marita´s awesome cooking. We shared a couple good laughs and enjoyed being in a place where flies seemed to not exist for a little while.
Yesterday we took a long needed beach day.  Doug stayed back and caught up on some sleep while the rest of the team and the Pastor and his family squished into our van and bee-lined it for the beach (DOUG EDIT: Doug here, hey Madi, very funny... I didn't stay back to get some sleep... I stayed back to work all day on administration stuff... just wanted to clarify that.). We decided to switch it up and hit Coco Beach instead of Tamarindo. It was a nice change in scenery (less of a tourist spot). We did some shopping, grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back for Fortuna. The car rides in Costa Rica are always pleasant- at least for a passenger. The windows down and the cool breeze could put anyone to sleep. Laurie was our driver of the day, putting up with the craziness of the Costa Rica highways. We finally got back to the church and cleaned up for dinner at Lila´s (the lady who comes to the church and cooks for the teams pretty often). She made us some killer Chalupas and we probably scared her with how fast we chowed down on dinner. It has been such a blessing to be welcomed into these homes this week and we are all amazed by the hospitality shown in this town.
After dinner we zipped back to the church and we kidnapped anyone around and headed off to the corral to meet up with Pura Vida for a service/night of dancing. It was a wonderful evening. We headed back to the church and hit our bunks. Oh I almost forgot to mention breakfast! This morning we woke up to some delicious empanadas! They were wonderful. Doug was back in action while pretending to be Mr. Empanada while he served us breakfast. Everytime we reached into the cooler for food, he exclaimed "That tickles" or "That´s my tonsil".  We knew instantly that he was back to his OLD self. There you have it everyone, cannot believe it´s been another week! Bye!!!!!!!!!