Thursday, June 21, 2012

Connor & Sarah

Hola! Me Familia,

Today we started our day off with beans, rice, pineapple andpapaya. After breakfast we rode up the road for about ten minutes to an openpasture. We had an amazing guide by the name of Alfredo. An local In the landwith a lot of knowledge in cattle, volcanoes, and petroglyphs . We had a veryopen devotion on a beautiful hill overlooking a lake and mountain landscapes.We read in Genesis 1 where God created the world.

 After morningdevotion in the open pasture we went to a family’s house from the church. They taughtus how to grind coffee beans and then how they roast them. After roasting andgrinding the owner served us homemade coffee.

From her house we went with Mr. Alfredo to see his oxen. Heshowed us how he trains his oxen to obey and follow everything he said. We gotthe opportunity to ride his oxen around the field. There were a few children therethat we got to share the word of God with these young people.   Fromthere we went back to the church and had mashed potatoes with fish and salad.

After lunch we started getting ready for the carnival. Werewe, once again, got the opportunity to share God’s word with people of alldifferent ages. The children got to color, play soccer and have their facespainted.

 Whilethere we preformed our skits for the children. While they were funny, they alsogot the message of God across. A few of the people there decided for the firsttime that they would like to give themselves to God. And from there we prayedfor them. Maybe one day they will go out and make disciples that are willing tofollow God.

Morning Devos

The Lake

Enjoying Homemade Ice Cream From A Local Who Sells Food 
Out Of Her Home

Separating The Shells From The Beans

Albia Making Coffee The Old Fashion Way

Fresh Roasted and Fresh Brewed Coffee 

Pounding The Coffee Beans

The Petroglyph

The Oxen

Alfredo's Truck

Bracelet Making, Coloring, Face Painting and Bubbles

Sharing The Gospel