Sunday, June 10, 2012

THE CONFERENCE BEGINS!! (Harvest Church Mission Trip)

This is a small portion of nearly 200 people who participated in this weekend's conference!!!

Harvest Church has partnered with the local church in Fortuna to put together a weekend youth conference for the surrounding area. Nearly 200 youths came from several neighboring cities to be a part of the event which began Friday night, went all day & night on Saturday, and ended Sunday afternoon. The theme focused on preparing the next generation to be victorious in Christ. Our host church kicked off the night with several great ice-breaker games followed by some amazing praise & worship. Friday night's conference included a delicious dinner of rice, beans and meatloaf, but the best part was how we got to the cafeteria to eat. Each American had their leg tied up to a Costa Rican's leg and we worked together to accomplish a three legged trek to the mess hall. It was a great way to pair up the Americans with the Costa Ricans so they not only ate together, but more importantly, begin to fellowship together. After dinner Pastor Danilo preached a passionate message that focused on reflecting on 3 different generations: Moses's generation that escaped slavery, the next generation that died in the desert, and Joshua's generation that entered the Promise Land. He challenged all the attendees to be like Joshua's generation. The night ended with more passionate worship as the two cultures continued to merge into one family of God. Many Godly things are already stirring in several young people's hearts. Saturday's schedule included a full day of worship, fun, and challenging messages. To God be the glory!! 

-Doug (GTD Director)