Tuesday, June 12, 2012

101 People Go To Thermal Hot Springs!!! (Harvest Mission Trip)

Last night Laurie presented Harvest Church with a great idea. If they were willing to switch hot spring venues from Thermal Mania to Yoko we could save enough money to bring about 60 members of the church to the thermal hot springs with us. Pastor Ben didn't hesitate to make the switch and the Costa Rican church members were so happy! The Thermal Hot Springs can get expensive so they don't get to go very often. They worked so hard over the weekend to host an incredible conference and we were honored to take them out for a celebration dinner and swim. With our rental bus and 15 passenger rental van we made a few trips back-and-forth to transport everyone from the church to the hot springs. We spent several hours soaking up the warm water and eating a delicious dinner. Everyone had a blast! We thank God for the strong bonds we are continuing to develop between our ministry and the church down here. This type of fellowship only strengthens those bonds!