Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Last year most of my family got COVID for Christmas, and somehow I came up negative. This year it's the inverse, I'm the only one to get COVID for Christmas. Yesterday everyone tested negative and I tested positive (3x just to make sure... a friend had an older at-home test kit that they dropped off and it showed a faint positive result, and a friend dropped off a new 2-pack kit that I went ahead and used both tests and each one came back positive.) So far I only have very mild symptoms that started a couple of days ago - mild sore throat, occasional slight fever (100), random mild cough, and a very weird slight nausea. Otherwise, I have full energy. Over the past 13 days I've only been around family except for a few visits to see my Mom in the hospital as well as Home Health Nursing / Physical Therapists coming out to my parent's house, one time grocery shopping, and 14 days ago we had our Annual Banquet. I'm quarantining at home for 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get caught up on some office work and home renovations. (-Doug)