Monday, November 15, 2021

Thank you Stacy Alan!




If you’ve been on a GTD Adventure Trip over the past few years the likelihood that you’ve met Stacy and his goats is a good probability!  Stacy has been a part of GTD for many years.  He has served with us on the Mission field in Costa Rica, volunteers on local Florida events and has become a staple on our Adventure Trips.  Stacy is an amazing volunteer, a great friend, a talented carpenter, and a YouTuber! 

Be sure to check out Stacy’s YouTube channel where he has shared his adventures with GTD this past summer among other fun and interesting places and things! 

Stacy’s channel is designed for those who like country living, outdoor life, and goats with their shenanigans. Follow him to learn homesteading tips and tricks, see some amazing locations, explore the outdoors, and laugh at his goats as they go on adventures together.

Stacy Alan YouTube Channel:

Thank you so much Stacy for your continued love and support of GTD!  We appreciate all you do for GTD.  


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