Thursday, November 4, 2021


One of the best and humbling parts of being involved in a non-profit organization is the amazing and generous people we meet and get to do life with. One incredible couple wanted to know what one of GTD's most immediate practical needs is. Over the summer the GTD washer & dryer broke down... that means many trips to the landromat or to friends & family. With the large volume of sleeping bags, cot sheets, towels, etc, etc that we wash & dry on a regular bases we've found that a reliable large capacity washing machine and dryer is one of our most immediate practical needs. Without hesitation this awesome couple sent a check for $2000 for the purchase of a new large capacity washer & dryer set!!! In the non-profit world that is referred to as a "restricted donation" given to be used for a specific purpose. Wow, we are once again blown away by the love and support we receive from a small but mighty army of generous people! Thank you so much to these awesome friends of GTD who saw a need and took the initiative to meet that need!!! We are so blessed to have you as part of the GTD family!! And hopefully we can do your laundry for you whenever you need a break hahaha!! God bless you awesome donors!!!