Monday, November 15, 2021


In September I posted a family update about our 9 month Caregiving journey called "Saddened and Dying From Trying". It was one of many low points that I had experienced this year as my Sister and I took on the role of fulltime Caregivers (you can scroll down to read that post if you missed it). 
So here's some good news that I personally think are "small" miracles (we literally feel like people are praying for us):
(1) About 6 weeks ago Mom's balance started getting much better! PTL!! Nothing externally has changed to make this happen. Generally speaking, her balance should be progressively getting worse and worse, not better. This is the number one reason we have been by her side 24/7/365... to prevent falls that cause broken bones that cause hospitalization that cause pneumonia that cause death.
(2) About that same time Mom's psychotic episodes went from every other day to about once every 2 weeks! PTL!! Psychotic episodes are the really hard part of Alzheimer's... they can start thinking bad things are happening that aren't really happening and then it puts the entire family in crisis prevention mode. It's horrible, exhausting, relentless, and extremely wearisome. Generally speaking, this should also be getting worse not better. No new regular meds. Instead of having a lot of bad days she is now having a lot of good days... and that in and of itself is a game changer. 
(3) Our Dad is a "collector" (nicest way I can say it). Miraculously Dad has decided to get rid of all of his "stuff"! For years, and especially this year, we have asked nicely, pleaded, reasoned with, partnered in the work, even resorted to yelling, and done everything we could to motivate this to happen, but none of our efforts have ever made any real progress... not this year... not for the past 40 years. All of the "stuff" causes a lot of tripping hazards so it makes our job (see point 1 above) much harder... as well as low morale (it's very overwhelming to look at and causes feelings of sadness & depression for my Mom... which just makes the whole Alzheimer's challenge that much harder.) Well, praise God, Dad has already hired a couple of guys to haul off stuff... they've already made a big dent in the backyard! This is such an answer to prayer!! I can't even put into words how many ways this one area of progress will positively impact the entire situation.

^^^ All of these things have happened after I posted the last update and people told us that they are praying for us. We literally feel like we are being prayed for and we can't thank you enough!

My Sister and I were worn out and behind on EVERYTHING in our lives. But, miraculously (THANK YOU JESUS!!!), things have changed for the better (with things that "should be" getting worse day by day). This has releaved a lot of weight off of Traci and I (and even our Dad). We have been able to back off of the 24/7/365... and been able to start saving several "sinking ships" in our personal lives that we just had no time or even energy to tend to. Just in the nick of time!! 
During this now 10+ month journey we have also had many many good days, hilarious moments, and new special memories along this road this year. Mom loves the orange / vanilla popsicles (so do I!). She wanted to get a family picture eating them and wants to send the picture to the manufacturer of the popsicles... in her words, "Maybe they'll send us a free box of popsicles." She laughs... as we all start laughing!! Alzheimer's has also revealed an even funnier & wittier side of Mom than we've ever experienced before. She has always been fun & funny, but Alzheimer's removes filters and restraints so whatever they are thinking ends up coming out of their mouth. This isn't always great out in public hahaha!
Thank you for your prayers dear friends!! The past 6 weeks has been a much needed impact of supernatural proportions! Literally answers to prayers >>> your prayers & our prayers... thank you so much for lifting our family up in prayer!!!