Friday, December 3, 2021


It has been a wild 2+ weeks since our Annual Banquet! We had to take Mom to the ER the next day and she stayed in the hospital for 4 days... Dad had setbacks with his knees and could hardly walk for several days...from that point we were back on the 24/7 Caregiving schedule... then it was Thanksgiving... then I tested positive for COVID... all that to say that we had to push pause on the fundraising tallies resulting from a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Annual Banquet night on Nov 16th. We were up till 3:30am the night of the banquet trying to get a good estimate on funds raised so we could get an update out the next morning. Well, we had several donations that came in that night through Venmo & PayPal as well as our cash received from raffles, balloon pops, & 50/50 that never made it into that first calculation... so I'm overjoyed to report that our record breaking night was even more record breaking'er than first reported PTL!!! We didn't raise 82k as of that night, we actually had raised 4k more for a total of 86k coming out of the Banquet night!!! Thank You Jesus!!!! Aaaaaaaaand thank you amazing supporters!!! So now we are caught up with an accurate fundraising tally as of Nov 16th. More updates to come as we strive to raise 100k by Jan 31, 2022 =)