Thursday, November 18, 2021


We debuted our newest GTD highlight video at our Annual Banquet... hands down, it's our greatest highlight video EVER! Carson did a PHENOMENAL JOB with every second of this video. 
One of our catch phrases in GTD is that we refer to God's creation as God's amazing playground. This video gives you a lot of drone footage - almost like a view from Heaven - and then as you zoom in to these extraordinary locations you see us (GTD groups) playing on the side of mountains, in waterfalls, in swamps, in canyons, in fields. Everything that God created is a gift to us - His created - to enjoy. He is the Good Father, and I can only imagine that He is most pleased when His kids joyfully appreciate, fully embrace, and completely enjoy His provisions which, in this case, is the world that He so masterfully made for us to live in and enjoy, and that literally reveals the evidence and majesty of God.
The video opens with a one minute audio of Taylor Richardson sharing how God used His creation to reveal Himself and draw her to Jesus as her Savior on a GTD trip. 
I've watched this video many times and I get chills everytime... Laurie cried the first time she watched it... the banquet audience enthusiastically cheered when they watched it. It's very powerful. I couldn't be prouder of Carson.
All footage is authentic footage taken on GTD Events in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, & The Grand Canyon. God's creation is the greatest & most amazing playground ever designed! Great job God!
Click the link (not the picture) to watch the video. Enjoy =)
God's Amazing Playground: