Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Piles

These are my "piles". I have about 20 of them in my office almost all of the time. They represent all the tasks that I run out of time to complete. Right before I leave for another trip I have to put all my undone tasks in a folder so that when I return I can go right back to work on them. But the funny thing is that as soon as I return back from a trip the "Task Troll" has already created a new pile of "urgent" tasks for me to work on so all the other piles become harder & harder to get to. I literally work from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. I actually have tasks that date back to 1996!! It's like digging a hole at the beach. Each time you remove a shovel full then a pile of sand falls back in the hole. But I won't stop shoveling. I'm an engine powered by the fuel of the Holy Spirit. This engine doesn't give up. This engine keeps on going & going & going. I'm an engine that only knows one thing to do and that's to keep on driving forward. Running your own organization has a lot of perks, but don't ever fool yourself, it's a 24/7/365 responsibility. Even if you get a short break away the "Task Troll" is still making new piles of "urgent" tasks. That's ok because this engine is actually getting caught up little by little. One day I'm going to catch up to that Task Troll actually get ahead of the game. Yes, one day I will give him a few tasks to do  (- DUG)