Monday, July 8, 2013

Day One FBCMD (Reggie)

Hello all just wanted to share some of the events of our first day.  Starting this morning when we left the parking lot we shared laughs, safety tips, and expectations.  We came into this first day full of enthusiasm and the excitement of the unknown.  These feeling lasted throughout the fight and carried over into our introduction of Laurie and Jessie (our event coordinators) We also got to meet a gentleman by the name of Mikol who was kind enough to drive us around this beautiful country. 

Oddly enough the fellowship time we shared together took precedent over our interest in scheduled events.  Here we are a church family who see each other regularly and continuing to share and earn new things about each other.  About half way thru our bus ride we stopped for lunch and had quite possibly some of the best food we ever tasted, served by an unparalleled staff.  A few of us even got to brush up on our Spanish.  Now when I share with you we are a church family we share a meal like one too, those who were interested shared and tried each other dishes and the conversations and laughs flowed as if we had done this million times before.  I for one was proud to be a part of this mission and was becoming even more excited about what the rest of the week will hold.  It was not until after we resumed our trip we started to inquire about the schedule set up for us and think out loud what God has in store for us in this part of the world.  Jessie (our intern) started to give us a break down and the faces of our team just lit up. 

Once we arrived at the property of our host church we met our interpreter Tol and our cook Lila, both absolutely lovely people.  He taught himself English through music and she leads bible studies out of her home and is saving to build on so she may have larger gatherings.  This is day one and it has already been an amazing trip, from the volcanoes to the surf waves we have seen so much and can’t wait to do so much more.  Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers and we ask that you continue to do so as we reach out to share the word and Christ.