Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Note From Tracey (The Birthday Girl!)

How do you sum up an amazing week? Although we are all excited to come home tomorrow to see our family and friends we will all miss Costa Rica and we will all be taking home a piece of Costa Rica that will always be in our hearts.  Coast Rica has touch our lives forever.  I will forever remember the people, the culture, the food and yes the bugs. Today we had an opportunity to go to a local church service. It was so awesome to see Kamryn and Steven being part of the worship team. Even though a lot of the songs were in Spanish and I didn’t understand. I did feel the Holy Spirt. It didn’t matter what language it was in, the thing that mattered the most was we were ALL worshiping the same God. This week I will be bring back many memories and new friendships. I can’t wait to visit Costa Rica again an see what God has in store for all of us through our visit to Costa Rica.