Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Post From Tara - Harvest Church Mission Trip

Buenos dias! It’s day 5 here on our Costa Rica mission trip and I, Tara Green along with my little Costa Rican buddy Manuel are writing to you this afternoon. It has been an amazing 5 days down here with our first work day fixing up the church, our trip to the Hot Springs, our incredible VBS with the kids (over 100!), the visit to a local community who are in such poverty most kids can’t attend school because they can’t afford shoes, let alone food, our trip to the most beautiful waterfall and today our work day at a local preschool.
A couple blocks away from our camp there is a small preschool but it’s not like our preschools. This preschool is a place where kids who are sick, kid’s whose families can’t afford to feed them, and kid’s who just can’t afford to go to public school. At this preschool the kids receive schooling, a free meal, and medical attention. Today we were blessed with the opportunity to go and help out the lady who runs the school with some much-needed improvements. Our team jumped right in! We had students, along with some of our local kids, painting some new doors that had just been installed for the children’s bathrooms. There were students working outside cleaning the school walls and pulling weeds from their playground. Lastly, the lady in charge of the school asked us if we could create her a new garden because her last one had gotten ruined. This was so important to her and her school because they use the garden to grow vegetables and spices to help feed their kids. Y’all should have seen our team go to work on this, we had students with shovels, hoes, picks and some just using their bare hands. After four hours we finally finished and had left the school with a beautiful garden accompanied by a new compost box, and 7.1 Student Ministries sign towering over them. We are back at camp now washing the paint off of our faces, arms, legs, and any other place you can think of because in less than 30 minutes we will be starting our Youth Conference! It has been incredible to watch our team prepare for this conference, last night 4 of our students were invited to practice with the churches worship team so that at the conference they could all lead worship together, in Spanish and English. I ask that you would continue to pray for us as we continue in our work for the Lord. Pray for the conference we will be leading, pray for Zack Bishop and Tate Hawkins as they prepare their messages for the break out sessions tomorrow, and pray for the students who will be attending this weekend that they may encounter God in a new way.