Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Note From Tate

Hey everybody, Tate and Anonymous the dog on the blog tonight!

We made it safe to Fortuna! Dodging mangos falling from the trees all day will be fun, but we’re all looking forward to this trip. Today was Wednesday and in as few words as possible, I’d say the day was…. Eventful. The rain started to come down sometime in the middle of the night. Then we were greeted with some breakfast, we had a nice acoustic worship session and spent time diving into Ephesians 1:11-19. Then it was off to work. While one group went to help clean up and haul wood for a few hours, a second group headed to help paint while another group plastered some walls around the church office. Amidst all the hard work and chaos, myself and another tripper Zack, stayed back in the dining area and prepared for our speaking roles at the youth conference this weekend.  Lunch was delicious like always, then it was back to work. I got to help with the painting and I’m telling you. If Costa Rica had an extreme makeover show… This church would be the subject. We plastered and painted until the job was done. We then all washed up, loaded up and headed about 15-20 minutes down the road to the hot springs called Thermo Mania. Spent time swimming in the pools, sending 10 people down a waterslide at a time, and enjoying each others company while relaxing from a hard days work. Dinner was a whole other adventure. Right as we all got in, sat down, and were situated… The lights went out in the restaurant, so we all got to eat dinner in the dark…. Still not knowing exactly what I ate…. But today in a whole was a great first day to the trip! Yea we all miss family and friends, and twitter, we’re all pressing on and doing God’s work. I’ve taken this trip to put Isaiah 6:8 into use… “Here I am Lord, send me.”
Well here comes the rain again, guess that’s my sign to head off to bed. Looking forward to tying up the loose ends of our work tomorrow and praying that VBS goes as well as we all hope it will! Shout out to my Mom and rest of my family, love y’all!
Hasta Manana (See You Tomorrow)
Tate… and a very playful puppy.\