Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventure's With Alfredo and Activities With The Kids (Kamryn)

Hey, this is day three!! We had an amazing day today! The fellowship with each other was magnifico. We first went to sweet Elbia’s lovely home. There she showed us how the have made the coffee in the traditional way. There are many steps to this process. You grind the beans out of the shell then blow the shells out and roast the beans. Lastly you grid the coffee and enjoy! This was such a humbling and once in a life time experience I think no one will forget. (Starbucks has nothing on the costa Ricans and how they make their coffee)!

When we got home from the coffee tour we had to gather and prepare the things for the kids carnival. We have over 100 water balloons from Chris and tons of crafts from Tracy. The quilting ministry of our church was very kind to make the family’s. it was also a very humbling to see the difference in the cultures and see the different family’s and the children. We had2 family’s invite us to there homes. We had brought them toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner as well as quilts. The kids reactions to what we had planed were so up lifting and joy filling.

Chris did an amazing presentation of the gospel. We had Tol translate God word into Spanish for the people. We had 8 kids and 2 adults raise there hands and except Jesus and their personal Lord and savior. Our prayer for them is that they grow more in Gods person and that they will start to go to church and be in Gods word and know that he is there every day and night. We hope to get to meet more amazing people like these in the future. See y’all in a few days!!!! - Kamryn