Tuesday, July 16, 2013


2 SAVED & JUMPING FOR JESUS!! (CCSP ADV TRIP): I'm excited to announce that 2 students asked Jesus into their heart last night during Pastor Josh Harris' campfire message. It's the BEST decision a person could ever make and we celebrate their salvation... all glory to God!! On a lighter note we watched Captain America on a big bed sheet for our outdoor movie. This morning we had a wonderful devotional time with the Lord as we focused on Ephesians 2. Then we spent the entire day jumping off bridges & cliffs as well as riding over a waterfall as we plunged into the cool rivers of TN. It's been a God-awesome 24 hours!! Tonight is our last night together. Tomorrow morning we break camp and say goodbye to CCSP and then drive 3 hours south to Cornelia, GA to say hello to the youth group of Treasure Coast Community Church around 2pm. We appreciate your prayers!! God bless =)