Friday, January 9, 2015

DAY 5 (52 Days)

TAKE A HIKE! (Literally!) It's "Rollout Friday" at GTD which means this is the day that we give you a little glimpse of the things to come. For 18 years GTD has offered a lot of variety when it comes to adventures - rock climbing, caving, rappelling, canoeing, camping, and the list goes on. We've helped thousands of people experience these adrenaline filled activities for their first time. And we've watched many of them get hooked. They want more than just a taste, they want to throw themselves into their new favorite adventure and master it. They want to travel to incredible destinations and experience more of God's amazing creation while venturing deeper into their favorite activity. Well, we are going to continue to offer a lot of variety in GTD, but we are also excited to share with you that some of those adventures are going to take on an even higher level of emphasis. Some of these outdoor activities will become GTD's Premiere Adventures. They will become our specialty... our major... our "A" list activity... our crème de la crème. And we are happy to share with you that the first adventure to become a premiere GTD adventure is.... BACKPACKING!! How would you like to backpack for several days with a Christ-centered outfitter out west or up north or on the Appalachian Trail or down into the Grand Canyon or in Utah or Montana. The list of awe inspiring destinations is virtually endless and GTD wants to take you there! We are thrilled to be in the planning stages of GTD's first Premiere Adventure: Backpacking! Stay tuned for all the developing news during our 52 Days campaign. This is an exciting time to be a part of GTD!