Thursday, January 29, 2015

DAY 25 (52 Days)

GTD WORK DAYS SCHEDULED!! How would you like to be a part of making a huge impact for the next 20 years? We need your help rebuilding the Walls of GTD. In order to be ready for the next 20 years of ministry we need to take what we have and make it better. We have a list of projects that need your help. We're asking people to set aside 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 hours of time to help with several projects during 2 weekends in February. Projects include painting, organizing, construction, cleaning, sorting, hauling, filing, cleaning, repairing, deconstructing, and more. Most of these projects don't require special skills, just a willing body and desire to do a good job. A few sample projects include: Rebuilding the wooden interior of our trailer doors; Painting the interior of our office; Repairing the brakes on Mt Boards; Reorganizing one of our storage areas; Re-carpeting our pontoon boat; Solving world hunger; Building new storage shelves; Building an office wall divider; Constructing shelves; Hauling off unnecessary items; Data entry into a computer; Filing... and the list goes on. We are actually adding and modifying the list everyday. The weekends we have set aside for these projects are: Feb 6-9 (Fri-Mon) and Feb 20-23 (Fri-Mon). We would love to have your help! We would be honored to have your help. To sign up to be a part of this God-awesome transformation click on this link and complete the "52 Days Volunteer Form" and tell us when and how you can help. I can tell you this, whether it's work or play, we always have a lot of fun in GTD. Thank you!

“So the wall was completed... in fifty-two days... with the help of our God.” - Nehemiah 6:15-16