Saturday, January 24, 2015

DAY 20 (52 Days)

VISION: INDIVIDUAL IMPACT! Our ministry's vision has never been to be the largest adventure outfitter in the southeastern United States or the number 1 rated camp ministry in Florida or anything like that. The vision God put on my heart for GTD wasn't in terms of thousands or millions of people, but rather in terms of each individual. Our ministry vision has always been about each person. Our goal is to see individuals impacted. We want to see each person touched by the hand of God. We want to see each person living out their God-given potential in Christ. For me, it has always been about one-on-one relationships. The irony however has been that as the ministry grew year after year I had less and less time to spend with family, friends, and individuals. My quality time in relationships became greatly diminished. At the peak of our growth I had absolutely no time to spend with anyone. One thing I have learned about our enemy (the devil) is that he is a tactical genius. If he can't stop you from getting into ministry then he will do everything he can to bury you in ministry... he will use your momentum against you... he will push you so deep into organizational demands that you don't have time for people. If you have no time for people then you won't see an individual impact. Ministry is all about spending quality time with people. As GTD returns back to growth and expansion we are taking deliberate steps to guard against making the same mistakes. It's like God is giving us a "do-over" and this time we are going to do things differently... better. We are forging out non-negotiable quality time with individuals - family, friends, ministry partners, volunteers, interns, supporters, and those in need of personal impact. It is in those times that true ministry happens. The road ahead includes a lot more quality time with people. GTD's vision is an individual impact by the hand of God. It's taking shape during our 52 Days. It's an exciting time to be a part of GTD!