Sunday, January 18, 2015

DAY 14 (52 Days)

TAKING COUNT!  Here we are day 14 of the 52 Day Campaign and although Doug is gone and on his second retreat of the weekend with the college ministry from Smiley's at First Baptist of Indian Rocks, he's still getting things done and today it has been about taking inventory of the things in our trailer being that we are a mobile ministry.  In order to find out what our needs are, we first have to know what exactly we have since over the years things get broken, worn out or added to along the way.

Since I've stayed behind this trip, I've been doing some cleaning at the office. After all, we have been gone on and off for months and it's another area that gets neglected along the way. It's simple things like cleaning out the cabinets, disinfecting the sinks, washing the floors, dusting and vacuuming that get missed on a regular basis.   It's our hope that one day we will have someone to help us to stay on top of these things so we don't have to spend so much time doing them every time we have a little time back home. A clean office makes a productive office!