Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Blog Posts By Students (HCA Mission Trip)

Below are several blog posts that I wasn't able to enter until now. They were written by the wild & crazy guys from Harvest Christian Academy. The posts range from silly to sincere, but they are all fun... hope you enjoy =)

Friday was a lot of fun. There were so many activities that went on.  My favorite part of the day was working on a new church in San Bernardo.  I had my first experience of laying concrete, and I enjoyed the hard work because it was work that helps the Kingdom of God.   –Chase Caywood

On Friday we did  a lot of fun things but my favorite was playing soccer with the locals, it was a lot of fun tto communicate with them through sports.  –Palmer Jones

I like turtles. –robert warner

Hola senors y senoritas. me diverti toda la semana.  Playing soccer with the costa Ricans was mucho fun.  I met someone from DC but cant remember his llamo.  La comida era muy deliciosa. I am driving to the beach with a car full of boys and we are all muy consado but very excited to get our sun tan on.  Adios amigos -Collin theisner/ wileer(my favorite translator that is sitting next to mi)

Querro comer un Perro<3  Playing soccer with the locals was mucho funo. This trip not only brought me closer to my amigos but brought me closer to God. I enjoyed the morning devotionals that were led by Doug and Laurie. I will never forget the experiences that I encountered along with my friend Henry. We are on are way to the beach, so I am looking forward to another muy buen day with the “always smiling” Costa Ricans.      –Aj McCort

This whole week has been amazing, helping the community while building relationships with the locals has been a blast. The weather down here is freezing, but the service for God and the fellowship with the Costa Ricans is definitely worth the discomfort. -Landry Alexander

The climate isn’t as bad down here as I was told it would be.  The rain is very predictable, and it only rains once a day.  It is very humid down here but the temperature is lower than in Texas.  My Spanish has consisted of many uhhs, facial expressions, shrugs, nods, translated nouns and verbs, and lots and lots of charades.  The time down here has been very fun and enjoyable; at least once my room got fans for every bunk hooked up to one outlet using a converter and 2 extension cords.  The service we have done the community will last for a long time.  We cleaned up the area we stayed in, poured concrete walkways for a new church building, put lights and outlets in a new church, and prayed with many members of the community, and blogged about all of it in the back of a moving van on the way to the beach.

Estoy meyondo! This whole week has been a life changing experience for me. I not only grew closer with my friends and the locals, but with my relationship with God. I Love working at the church and learning how to make concrete, I thought that was a pretty cool experience. One of my best memories on this trip was playing soccer with the locals and trying to make conversations with them even though they laughed at my Spanish lol. We are on our way to the beach now and hopefully to make some more memories that we will never forget! ADIOS ;)

Come at me bro -Kaleb Schweitzer