Friday, May 25, 2012

Headmaster Blog (Terry Caywood of HCA Mission Trip)

Harvest Christian Academy had another awesome day in Costa Rica.  Our parents, faculty and staff have every reason to be extremely proud of our juniors and seniors as they build relationships and worked hard to continue God’s work in La Fortuna de Bagaces, CR.  There are so many great events each day that become special and sometimes funny memories instantly.  For instance, Collin continues to impress us with his every expanding Spanish vocabulary including profound words like “cat”.  Landry portrayed a mean Goliath in our Biblical skit for children, but Ellis won out as he depicted the young shepherd boy, David.  John and Laura shared their testimonies through an interpreter for the first time.  Chase and Cody bravely went door to door speaking something like Spanish inviting kids to our carnival.  Ellis and Robert are dreaming of Whataburger constantly, but working hard anyway.  Palmer, Jayson, Robert, Ellis, Kristen, and Alexa were fired up when the church praise band allowed them to borrow their instruments for worship songs.  Hannah, Toure and Rachel wowed the local Niño’s with face painting and fingernail polish.  We surprised AJ by celebrating his birthday with a cake from the local bakery.  And Kaleb was able to practice soccer with some locals and scored almost every time.  As you can tell, they are all engaged and allowing God to use them well.

We all thank you for your prayers and sacrificing to allow us to spend this time learning how to serve God in another culture.  Our experience has been everything we have prayed for over the years in preparing for HCA’s first ever international mission trip.  Not only have we been openly accepted, experienced the culture, but our group was also blessed to be the group that held the inaugural event in a church built only 20+ days ago.  We stay exhausted, but energetic as we learn patience and flexibility as guests in another culture.  Our kids have truly learned to appreciate their homes and their families.  This time away from the USA and together as a group has been so beneficial for us.  At times like these, God seems to move and grow us quickly.

Four days are already complete, and we look forward to our work projects tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for our focus to be on the Lord and our safety as we serve.

Serving the Saints,
Terry Caywood, Headmaster, HCA