Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In The Student's Words (HCA Mission Trip)

It was another great day in Costa Rica. Pastor Danilo spoke at our morning devotions and shared the vision that God has laid on his heart for this area. La Fortuna de Bagaces has a population of around 3000 people and the pastor has a passion to reach them & the surrounding towns with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of what he needs revolves around construction projects on the church property as well as within the community. Through the years God has used GTD to bring many groups down to assist the pastor in fulfilling that vision. We have a long way to go, but it's so amazing to see all the projects God has allowed our ministry to be a part of. But as for today, we started working on several work projects on the church property and also worked on a new church in a nearby town of San Bernardo. It is the first church in this small town and we are so excited to be the first group to reach out to the children of this area. Below are posts by 2 HCA students. We love to see how God is already at work in each student's life. Keep checking back for more updates & pictures =)


My trip in Costa Rica has been a blast so far. I have been shown so many things just in the two days that I've been here! It humbles me to see how good I have it back at home because here in Costa Rica they don't have a lot of things or money. The people here are so loving even though they might not know you personally they show love towards you and all they want is love back. In America people aren't always willing to listen or have the patience for one another like they do here.

I have true compassion for these people and they say that they look up to us, but I look up to them! They don't care if they don't have the nicest things or the coolest new toy or the biggest house all they care about is loving each other and wanting to have friends to talk to. But in America all people want is a lot of money big houses the fastest most expensive cars and to be "cool".

Every night two guys come over and talk to us and hang out with us and every time I see them it brightens my day because they always have a smile on thier face. Today we worked on the church ground that we are staying at on multiple tasks and even when it started raining no one rushed inside we all continued with what we were doing so that we could best help the church. Afterwards we went to another church to continue the same thing just at a different location. Once we finished we came back to get ready for Hot Springs! Hot Springs use a variety of pools that are heated by a few of the channels from the volcano that is very close.
When we all finished swimming we ate a very nice meal and bought just about all of their ice cream!

Even though i cant wait to get back to the States where there is nice and cool air conditioning I do love it in Costa Rica. I don't think that I could make it here becauase of how hot it is and all the creatures, its nice to see the wild animals roaming the streets and just see how non shalount everybody is! We saw horses and bulls and wild dogs roaming the streets but no one seemed to care very much!

ADIOS! -Cody May


We have been here in Costa Rica for two days so far. It has been really interesting. I have been ziplining  and to the hot springs. Besides all the fun activities we actually had a good nice day of hard work. It was really hard, but it felt good to accomplish something. To start something from scratch and see how far
and how well it developes is the greatest feeling ever, especially when you do it with your own hands and you know that when it is done your heart and sweat were put into it. Today we got to see this take place at the church. We had multiple groups working to get one job done. The boys were breaking ground, literally, and moving rocks so that another group could level the ground with dirt they had shoveled. Nevertheless, we worked hard and worked together and got the job done. It felt good to help in such a good and needed way. Also the people here are sweet, intersting and funny; I cant wait for the rest of the week to see what God has in store for us.

~Toure Manning