Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WCS Is Doing Great In Costa Rica

I received a couple of quick text messages from Cara late last night updating me about Westside Christian School's mission trip in Costa Rica.

Cara Jones via text: "[We are doing] Great! No power :). We did impact time by flash light and now we are at the park... Playing. ... Went to the corral today ... Power is back and we visited Louis and family."

Basically what that all means is that the group is doing great. They were without electricity for a a little while so they had to do their Bible study time (we call it "Impact Point") while using flashlights. They then walked down to the city square (about 1/2 mile) where the locals gather to play soccer. It's a great place to meet some of the locals and get a snack from one of the small stores. Evidently the group visited one of our ongoing projects earlier in the day about 3 miles from the church. On-site of this project is what we call The Corral where most of the mission teams used to sleep before we started staying at the church bunkhouses. The Corral is now used for storage and as a meeting place for meals & breaks during our construction projects on the property. We take all the groups to The Corral to show them the history of GTD's Mission Program. And some point the power came back on. They also visited one of the locals and a dear friend.

More updates coming soon =)