Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Local Tours & Carnival Outreach (WCS Mission Trip)

Today was a very busy day for us! We started out reading Genesis 1 on beautiful farmland overlooking a lake and volcano. It was the perfect setting for reading about God's creation.

From there we visited another nearby farm to see some very large oxen and eat some fresh fruit off the trees! The students loved it, but it was just the beginning of the tour. We also went to a local family property to see how they process sugar cane. We drank sugar cane juice and ate sugar in hard, soft and gooey forms. It was like butter, honey and fudge! After that we were off to another home to see how coffee is processed! We helped roast & grind the beans then drink the coffee!!!

After lunch we got ready for the children's carnival in Miravalles, a little community near the church. Our team played games, kicked balls, painted faces, made crafts and shared testimonies. The Westside Christian School's mission team had a blast with all the local kids, and the kids loved them! Now the group is off playing a pick up game of soccer with the locals before we head back to church for our nightly Bible study and to share our highlights of the day! This has been an amazing day full of so many blessings! We are thankful to the locals for welcoming us with open arms.