Friday, April 27, 2012

Operation Men of Valor - Part 3 (Arrival)

After a 1 hour bus ride the men arrived to the camp entrance. They still didn't know the exact plan for the weekend, but they were willing spirits ready to embark on an adventure. Carrying their gear, they hiked half of a mile to the main base camp.

They were issued 2 tents per squad and 1 cot per person. 

They were instructed to set-up their tents as a squad, but without specific details on how to set-up these particular tents. They had to figure out how the tent was assembled as a team. The forecast called for heavy rain so they needed to make sure each tent was rain tight. 

Next, they assembled their cots and placed them in their tents.

After tents and cots were assembled the men circled up around the campfire ring for instructions and orientation. Field Manuals were issued out to each individual. The Field Manuals contain the discussion topics and Bible verses that each squad is to talk about after each Life of Valor video.

To be continued...
(Part 4 coming tomorrow)